In Admin, you can do the following:

Sub-Module Description
Content Management
Content Management allows you to view the company information created by the admin while creating a new company. Individual company logo setup can be managed from here.
Web Site Management
Web Site Management provides full integrated set up to maintain all the different contact addresses of the organization, where the company is operating. All the job postings and news postings of the organization can be monitored from web site management.
User Management Employees can be given preferences to different modules in the application, their user id password can be modified, and employees can be deactivated from User Management. New employees can be created and exported from here.
Knowledge Center Through Admin-Knowledge Center the proposals and queries which were posted by users through Collaboration-Knowledge Center, are answered, approved or deleted by admin. When selected to add to portal, selected users can see approved items by admin, in collaboration.
Contact Management Contact Management section tracks and displays all the individuals who associate with the organization either as a contact or consultant or customer or employee. All the contacts of the organization can be managed from Contact Management. Contacts can be added, imported, exported, edited and also deleted from here.
Data Management Data Management section allows you (Administrator) to have full visibility of all records in the system. The Data Management section contains the main screens of Contacts, Companies, Candidates and Job Orders as listed in the CRM (module). By default, the system displays the Contacts main screen when you select the Data Management section.