The main purpose of this section is to allow you (Administrator) to have full visibility of all records in the system.

The Data Management section contains the main screens of Contacts, Companies, Candidates and Job Orders as listed in the CRM (module). By default, the system displays the Contacts main screen when you select the Data Management section.

In Admin->Data Management, you can do the following:

  • See all the records including ones that are set to Private by another user.

  • Perform all activities similar to that in CRM (module).
  • Access every record that exists in Admin->Data Management section and can change the ownership of the records using the “Change Owner” option, if required.

  • Archive and Delete all CRM records regardless of ownership.

  • Change the Share privileges of all CRM records regardless of ownership.

Note: When you change the ownership of a particular record, the Share privileges for that record will not change.

New Check box: Data Management
  • Added a new check box option called “Data Management” in Admin->User Management->Preferences screen.

  • You can select the Data Management check box option in the above screen to enable the Data Management section in the Admin module.

Tip to enable/disable the Data Management check box option:

  1. Go to Admin->User Management->Employees – Click on the Preferences ” icon available corresponding to each employee record displayed in the home page. The system displays the User Management screen as shown above.

  2. Select or clear the check box for Data Management to set the preferences for that sub-module.
Note: To know more about the features present in Contacts, Companies, Candidates and Job Orders modules of Admin->Data Management section, refer to the CRM Online help file present in the CRM module.