Communicate across the organization by providing announcements, company news and knowledge center on eDesk.

Announcements in eDesk enables you to easily post and view the announcements and messages received from other users of Akken Staffing application.

Akken Staffing allows you to view a list of announcements received by you from other users of the application.

To view all announcements,

1. Click on the  ‘Announcements’ link to view the list of announcements received by you. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the Message Board screen under collaboration.

2. The Message Board screen displays the list of announcements received by you.

3. Click on the view  icon against the corresponding announcement to view the details of the announcement. Result: The Message Board screen refreshes by displaying the details of the announcement.


To view the announcement details from eDesk, click on the relevant hyperlinked announcement title. The system displays the View Announcement screen as shown below:


To add a new announcement from eDesk, perform the following steps:

Click on New link under Announcements section of eDesk. The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the form to add new announcement under Message Board in Collaboration.

  1. Specify the title for the announcement in the Title text box.
  2. Enter the summary for the announcement of Summary textarea.
  3. Specify the Expiration Date for the announcement from the fields provided. The recipients can view the announcement till this date. Alternatively, you can click on the calendar  icon to specify the expiration date.
  4. To add employees to the Send To list, click on Select From List link. The Send To listbox displays the members selected to receive this announcement.
  5. The Select From List link allows you to select the employees for whom you intend to send this announcement.
  6. If you wish to remove the employees from the Send To list, select the employee and click on‘Remove’ link.
  7. Click on ‘Reload’ link to refresh the page and capture latest entries.
  8. Once you have specified all the required details of the announcement, click on Post link to post the announcement.
  9. Click on the ‘Cancel’ link to cancel and return to the previous page.