ADMIN Training Guide: How to setup new users in Akken

Go to Admin – User Management

All employees that are currently active Akken users are listed below. Click on New User icon on top left to create a new Akken user.

CHECK THE LIST BELOW.  This is a list of your employees in HRM.  If the employee is listed below, click on the Create User link next to his/her name.  If the employee is NOT listed below click on Create Employee.

If the employee is NOT listed in the list to create a user, once you have click on Create Employee you will be presented with the screen below. Leave the top option selected and the click on Process.

After you have clicked on Process you will see the screen below.  Fill in First Name and Last Name, no other details are required, however, you can fill them out if that is your preference.  You will also need to select an HRM Department and Location in the HR Data tab of this screen.

NOTE: After you click on Hire you will be taken back to the Create User screen in which the name will appear on the list so that you can click on Create User next to the employee’s name.

After you click on Create User, you will be taken to the Preferences page.  First you need to select the type of user you are creating from the drop down list.  The types are: Front Office (CRM), Back Office (HRM/Accounting), and Unlimited (CRM and HRM/Accounting).  NOTE: Employee self service is for external employees only.


After you click on the User Type, you will see the items corresponding to the type of user you have will be checked off.  If you need to add or remove items that you do not wish to grant the employee access to, just remove the check from the corresponding boxes.  Once you have selected the items for the employee, click on Next.

Create a user name and password for your employee.  After you have completed the form, click on Create Account.

Once you click on Create Account the user will be listed below on the list of users in User Management. To make any changes to the user you can use the icons to the right of the user name.

The icons listed from left to right are as follows:

Preferences – (notepad with orange down arrow) to make changes to the user type along with adding and removing preferences the user can view from his/her Akken account

Edit User name – (person with green plus) to edit the user name of your Akken user

Edit Password – (key) to edit the password of your Akken user   NOTE: Akken does not reset passwords for users, only the Primary Admin on the account will be able to have Akken reset his/her password.  All other users can be reset by the Admin.

Edit Mail ID – (sideways envelope) this is to edit the Akken mail ID (not applicable for most Akken users)

Email Setup – (email letter flying) this is to setup a user’s external email account in Akken. Please see the directions below:

Click on the Email Setup Icon then click on Add New Account

Granting HRM Department Viewership Access:

In order for Administrators/Back Office/ Unlimited Users to view records within employee management of employees of your company you must be give permissions within the Administration Department in HRM to view the list.  Mark Sample is the only user with permissions to view the Administration Department and all the employee records that are associated with the Administration Department.  Currently there are 23 employees associated with the Administration Department.

If there is going to be more than one administrator that will require access to the Administration Department, you can add permissions to other users through Edit Department. Check the box next to the department you wish to Edit, then Edit Department.


In order to add multiple users you must hold down the control key (CTRL) and select the users you wish to add, then click on Save. These users now have permission to view the records in those folders

De-Activating A User– AdminàUser Management screen (yellow/brown envelope icon with a green left handed arrow) use to deactivate a user from your account

After you click on the icon for deactivate the following screen will pop-up:


In order to deactivate a user, a new owner has to be chosen for the records in the system (even if the person did not create any records). 



***An owner for the emails is not necessary, however, to view any emails currently in the user’s inbox as well as any new emails being sent to that email address, an employee must be selected for Existing and New emails. If the email account has been canceled through the email provider, no new emails will show in the inbox***

***NOTE: Outlook sync users will ALWAYS select NO for both Existing and New emails***

Once all items have been filled in on the settings for deactivated employee records click on the Deactivate Employee link at the bottom or top of the box. A new message will appear, asking to complete the deactivation, click on OK.



A user can be reactivated if necessary in the future.  To do this, go to Admin – User Management –  Select the type of user you wish to reactivate  from the drop down list – then click on Deactivated Users (left hand side)



This shows a list of all users that have been deactivated per type (Power Users, Employee Self Service, Customer Self Service).


To reactivate a user click on the envelop/folder with the blue arrow


A pop-up appears with a button to reactivate that user