AkkenCloud New Features - December 2016



Welcome to another installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program! You asked for new features, and we listened! Every month we will be reaching out to let you know about new features that have been released from the previous month and announce any major product releases.


This month we think you will find our four new features to be real timesavers that will help you to improve efficiencies:


Preview AOB Forms/Static link  
For our partners using Paperless Onboarding, we’ve introduced the ability to preview Applicant Onboarding forms and to capture a static URL for AOB Form Groups, which can be embedded on your website and offers flexibility for your applicant onboarding workflow.


Manage Submissions Options
We’ve introduced two new buttons in the Manage Submissions screen – ‘Place on Another Job’ and ‘Update Status’, which can both be used for multiple candidates to help save time.


Copy Assignment
We’ve added the ability to copy Assignments from the Accounting > Assignments screen. This is similar to the ‘Copy’ option in CRM > Job Orders, in this case allowing you to create duplicate Assignments. Another handy time saver!


HRM Department View
For easier filtering and sorting, we’ve added a column for ‘HRM Department’ to the HRM > Employee Management and Accounting > Customers grids. We’ve also added columns for ‘HRM Department’ and ‘Job Category’ in the Admin > Web Site Management > Job Postings screen.


Please see the attached document to learn about these features and check out the videos above!
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