AkkenCloud New Features - January 2017



Welcome to another installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program! You asked for new features, and we listened! Every month we will be reaching out to let you know about new features that have been released from the previous month and announce any major product releases.


This month we have three new features to announce, all available to our partners using Inbound Talent Marketing.


Set Form Groups   
We’ve introduced the ability to select available application forms (Long/Quick) per individual Job Order posted to your Agency Job Board, a feature previously only available to those subscribing to Paperless Onboarding. This feature gives you additional control over how your applicants apply to each job on your jobs page. If particular jobs require that the Long or Quick Form be filled out during application, now you have to ability to set the form per job.

Override Job Posting Preferences

We’ve added the ability to enforce Form Groups per domain. For example, if you have more than one subdomain set up for jobs pages, you can now associate the Long or Quick Form (or custom forms if you are subscribed to Paperless Onboarding) per domain. This setting will override the Job Posting Preferences setup in your Web Site Management and the Form Groups you have setup per Job Order.

Applicant Tracking Enhancement
For our partners using Paperless Onboarding (POB), we’ve introduced a feature to avoid duplicate records in Applicant Tracking. For example, let’s say an applicant applies via the Long or Quick Form and an Applicant Tracking record is created. Then suppose you send custom forms to applicants, after they have applied, via the Static URL feature that AkkenCloud offers (to learn more about Static URLs, please visit December’s Announcement page). Now when the applicant fills out the custom forms, the system will use Email ID as an identifier, and those forms will be attached to the Activities of the existing Applicant Tracking record, rather than creating a new record.

Please see the attached document to learn about these features and check out the videos above!

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