AkkenCloud New Features - February 2017



Welcome to another installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program! You know the drill, you asked for new features, and we listened! This month we're announcing four new features to AkkenCloud.

Creating and Emailing Invoices  

For the first of two client-focused enhancements, we’ve introduced the ability for Akken users to Create Invoices by, and email, Billing Contact on Assignments. This works in conjunction with the selections made in the “Bill To” tab of your Invoice Templates.


In Invoices History, we’ve added a download icon, allowing you to download each invoice and any timesheets or expenses attached into one zip file.


Additionally, we’ve expanded the invoice email process to include a Carbon Copy (“CC:”) option, giving you the ability to email a single invoice and distribute to accountants.

Customer Self Service Preferences

The other big client enhancement this month improves Customer Self Service users’ visibility of Assignments, Timesheets and Expenses. We’ve added the ability for CSS users who are set as the Billing Contact on Assignments to now view and approve Timesheets and Expenses, regardless of whether they are set as the Contact on the Assignment.


We’ve also added Email Notifications options for CSS users, based on whether they are the Reports To and/or Billing Contact on Assignments.


These enhancements offer additional levels of flexibility, saving time and improving your workflow.

Submission Status in AkkuSearch

Without having to run a report or sift through multiple Job Orders, you can now quickly filter Job Orders by Submission Status using AkkuSearch. This time saving enhancement enables you to search all your Job Orders and filter by Submission Statuses.

Job Order Status

We’ve added a Job Order Status column to Admin > Web Site Management > Job Postings. Now you can filter the various statuses of your posted Job Orders with a convenient drop-down option added to the grid.

Please see the attached document to learn about these features and check out the videos above!


I like the new feature on status but it would be extremely valuable to include INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL submittals.   As the recruiting leader I want to prioritize work  based on do we have candidates in front of sales to submit and have them submitted them to the client.  I want to know the stage of the job orders.

I have asked for this repeatedly.  Please advise as to why this one is so hard to do.

Thanks for the feedback, Jeanine. I've created a ticket for you to gather more details about your request.

Take care,
Daniel Sardella
Customer Success Advocate
866.590.6695 ext. 3

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