AkkenCloud New Features - Sync CRM and HRM, enhanced search and more



Welcome to this month's installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program! You submitted ideas and we listened! This month we have four new enhancements that will save you time, reduce the risk of errors, and further streamline workflow.


Please see the attached document to learn about these features and check out the videos below!


Save Time Keeping Your Front and Back Office in Sync

With CRM & HRM Communication, you now have the ability to sync updates to Candidate and Employee records. From a Candidate record, recruiters will now be able to update Employee information and view information updated in the Employee record. Profile data will synchronize and remain accurate in both CRM and HRM, eliminating the need for double entry.

Lightning Fast Search to Find the Nearest Candidates to a Job

We’ve added back Zip Code Radius (ZCR) & Area Code Radius (ACR) filters in the Candidate search to reduce the steps involved before results are displayed. Using AkkuSearch for an ACR or ZCR radius, you can then easily filter and sort results, making ranking Candidates by proximity a snap!


Keep Your Employee Credentials Current

With our new Credentials Management Enhancement, employees on active Assignments can now receive email notifications of their expiring and expired Credentials. You’ll no longer need to individually reach out to Employees to remind them when their Credentials expire, allowing you to more efficiently keep employees compliant.

Get Paid Faster by Automating the Vendor Management Process

By selecting a Recruiter on a Candidate record, Vendor information will now auto-populate on the Employee record (once hired), eliminating the need to manually enter this information, and to help automate the Vendor payment process.

These new enhancements will greatly improve business processes, automate processes that are often manual, and provide more time for AkkenCloud users to work on other items that drive the success of your business.

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