AkkenCloud New Features - IRM, Texting, Timesheet Restrictions


Hello AkkenCloud Partner,


Welcome to this month’s installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program. Before we jump into the latest enhancements, we are THRILLED to launch another innovation that will help your company save thousands of dollars and make more money. 


NEW Inbound Referral Management Application!

Let your temps fill job orders for you. With our NEW Inbound Referral Management application, your temps can be part of your recruiting team with easy access to share open jobs with their friends and networks, track the status of their referrals, and work towards pre-determined rewards and incentives.


Also, we have recently launched:


Fully-Integrated Texting

We’ve added another texting partner – TextUs. You can now engage with and track your text messages in real-time directly within the AkkenCloud platform as a TextUs and AkkenCloud customer.


Added Timesheet Flexibility

Are you worried about overpaying your employees? With our new tool, you can restrict multiple timesheets from being submitted for the same week to prevent that from happening.


Increased Expense Rate Flexibility

Save time on your expense audit each week. For all of your expense types, you can now set pre-defined customary, contractual or federally mandated rates. Additionally, we now offer the flexibility to round your expense types up to five decimals.



To learn more about these new features, simply reach out to our customer success team at 866.590.6695, or send an email to customersuccess@akkencloud.com. We love talking with you about all of our new innovations!

Until next time,


The AkkenCloud Customer Success Team



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