AkkenCloud New Features - Margin/Markup Preview and VMS Time Import


Hello AkkenCloud Partner,


Welcome to this month’s installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program. This month we have quite a few exciting new and improved enhancements to share with you and your team! Let’s start with the ones that will impact and accelerate your business the fastest.


New Margin Markup Calculator

Say goodbye to your desk calculators, sayonara to trial and error in order to hit your margin or markup goals, and stay rest assured that you will remain in contractual compliance. Our new calculator allows you to automatically calculate your bill rates or pay rates by entering your margin or markup, and vice versa.



Enhanced Activity Report 

If you’ve been frustrated with, or even abandoned your activity report in the past, this should peak your interest! Our new and enhanced activity report features slick design enhancements and increased functionality, now enabling you to quickly and efficiently export your data directly. Pull this report in a fraction of the time it previously took you, or do a direct export if you prefer, and have full visibility into your recruiter’s activity.


TAXI 2.0

Reduce the time it takes to import all time and expenses, from any VMS or external time keeping system, by 80% with our new TAXI 2.0. I don’t think we need to say anymore here!


To learn more about these new features, or about TAXI (if you are not currently using it), simply reach out to our customer success team at 866.590.6695, or send an email to customersuccess@akkencloud.com. We love talking with you about all of our latest innovations!

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