AkkenCloud New Features - Availability Tracking and Flexible Invoice Templates


Hello AkkenCloud Partner,


Welcome to this month’s installment of the Product Feature Awareness Program. This month we have quite a few exciting new and improved enhancements to share with you and your team! Let’s dive right in!

Simplified Tracking of Candidate Availability

Newly added shift scheduling options enable you to have the system keep track of your candidate and employee’s availability for you. This feature automates the entire process, improving your visibility, and eliminating the need for your users to maintain scheduling updates.


Invoice Template Improvements

Adding even greater flexibility to our invoice program (which already allows the use of unlimited templates), this improvement helps you consolidate time and expenses into one section. This enhancement also allows for additional group options.



To learn more about these new features, simply reach out to our customer success team at 866.590.6695, or send an email to customersuccess@akkencloud.com. We love talking with you about all of our latest innovations!

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