AkkenCloud New Features -- Notification Management

Hello AkkenCloud Partner,


Welcome to AkkenCloud's Product Feature Awareness Program. This enhancement will introduce options to configure notifications going out to your prospecting and existing employees and clients using your own email accounts thereby reducing/eliminating any bounce back's and undelivered notifications. Let’s take a look.

In this enhancement, AkkenCloud is centralizing all outgoing notifications in Admin - Notification Module. This would be the place to configure all external email accounts that would be used to send out notifications to relevant audience along with defining email templates with your own content. 

Navigate to Admin - Notification Management to access a new option "Outgoing Mail Server Settings"

Screen would display 2 options, "Akken Servers" and "Customer Server"

Selecting Akken Servers will result in all notifications going out from the AkkenCloud application to use " donot-reply@akken.com" as the From address. 

Selecting "Customer Server" will provide options to configure your own email accounts (with an option to use your email address).  This will result in sending the notifications using your own choice of "From Address". You can add multiple accounts one at a time by clicking on "Add New Account"

Screen will display the below section to key in details. "Select accounts from Collaboration" option will list all users external accounts configured in AkkenCloud's Collaboration - Email module. Selecting "Default to all notifications" will result in using the same email account to send all notifications

Authentication message confirms the outgoing credentials are valid and settings are Saved/ Updated successfully

There will be an option to notify AkkenCloud users of your choice  if any of these configured email accounts fails connecting to your email server. Click on Add/Remove link next to the label "Notify users when account fails connecting" . This will display an option to select users of your choice to be notified in such a scenario. There is also a "Notification Error Logs" to keep track on configured accounts validity. 

Once email account(s) have been configured, you would now have a choice to designate one of the configured email addresses to be used as the "From Address" for each of the notifications by selecting from the drop down. "I" is the information icon which will display history of changes to any of these sections. 

Notification(s) about new job applications can now be sent to users of your choice along with job order owner. 

NOTE: Auto responses to applicants is being moved from Admin - Website Management - Job Posting Preferences to this new menu "Job Applicant Notification". 

NOTE: Accounting - Customers - Invoice History - Setup Email Format -- This is being moved into Admin - Notification Management - Invoice Email Format menu. 

To learn more about these new feature enhancements, simply reach out to our customer success team at 866.590.6695, or send an email to customersuccess@akkencloud.com.