AkkenCloud New Features - Outlook Sync 2.0

Hello AkkenCloud Partner,

Some AkkenCloud customers choose to use Microsoft Outlook to retrieve and send emails. For those customers, AkkenCloud offers an Outlook Sync (OLS) program that will attach these emails to the corresponding contact or candidate record(s) within your AkkenCloud CRM activities.

Processing time can be vary while the Outlook Sync program attempts to find corresponding contacts or candidates to attach the emails. This may become a problem and can get worse when there are many SPAM emails that the application processes needlessly.

Currently, OLS maintains a flag for each email within Outlook that denotes whether an email has been sync'd to a CRM record. However, some emails fail to sync and does not prevent the OLS application from repeatedly attempting to associate the same email with a CRM record. This results in unwanted processing time and delays behind the scenes. 

We are releasing an enhancement to our OLS application that will prevent multiple attempts at associating such emails. This will reduce both processing times and any possible delays in synchronizing activities into CRM records.

In addition, this enhanced OLS will check the version of MS Outlook that you are using and alert you if it is not a valid version (one that is no longer supported by Microsoft). AkkenCloud, in an attempt to support the current Outlook versions had to restrict usage of older version. Addin versions older than 2.0 will stop functioning and user would not be able to log in to sync data. Below is the message a user would see for unsupported versions

To install our latest OLS version, existing version should be uninstalled. To uninstall, follow below steps:

Search for "Add or Remove" on your PC (left bottom corner) and Click into the menu

Select “Akken Staffing Outlook Sync” and click on Uninstall Button. As shown in below figure

Installing Latest Version

Download suitable version of latest plugin from below AkkenCloud Link


Click on the downloaded file and IF the below prompt appears. Click on “More Info” and further click on “Run Anyway” button.

OLS Add-in requires .NET Framework v4.6.2 in place. Before installing the downloaded version, OLS checks if your computer has all the needed prerequisites. If not, program will prompt to install required framework. Click on “Accept” Button

The required framework is installed and the program continues with installation of OLS Add-in

Once the download of required Microsoft Framework is completed, a second prompt for OLS installation pops up. Click Run to continue

Click on Next when prompted in the below pop-up

As mentioned in the download page, select Everyone for Administrative Installation of the Add-in or select Just me option for a single user installation of the Add-in. Click on Next to continue.

Once the process in the above image completes. Restart outlook to get a latest version of OLS ready to function.

Auto Update process

Once this latest Add-in is installed, going forward, any further updates will prompt users automatically when a new version is pushed on to AkkenCloud Servers. You would see the below prompt when such a new version is available.

User can click on download and proceed with installation of OLS. Once the update is pushed to servers and user didn’t update to latest version. OLS is disabled and stops functioning. Since having a latest version of OLS is a must. Installing/Updating OLS needs Admin Permissions on the computer, close button is provided so that user can continue working with Outlook until their Administrator installs the latest version. Below is the screen when user clicks on download button.

Once downloading of latest version is completed. Below prompt is displayed and clicking on yes will continue installation of Add-in.

Enabling Custom Columns in Outlook Reading Pane

Custom User Properties (columns) will only be visible if the Reading Pane is “off”.

Open Outlook and click on “View” in Control Bar.

In the Menu Section, click on “Reading Pane” and select “off”. As shown in below figure.

In the same menu, click on “Add Columns”. A window pops out with all available columns in outlook.

Under “Select available columns from:”  one can see all available columns. Click on the Drop Down and scroll to the bottom to see User – defined fields.

All available columns from AkkenCloud Addin are visible on the left pane. Select “Exported” and “Export Note” and click on “Add” button to move the selected fields to the right side. Click on OK to save.

Once the columns are added. User can see them on Folder columns as shown in the below figure.

When an email is synced to AkkenCloud and if the sync process completed successfully. “Yes” is visible under “Exported” column.

If the sync process failed. Reason for failure of sync process is populated under “Exported Note” and “Error” is visible under “Exported” Column.

If an email is marked as “Error”, Outlook Sync will not attempt a sync operation on that email (sync all/auto sync). Unless user performs a “Sync Selected” operation for that email.

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