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AkkenCloud CaptureME is a free Firefox and Chrome Extension  that  automatically  parses information on a web page and uses that   information to match candidate and contact records in AkkenCloud   database. It also makes it simple to capture new records and connect  existing ones.

CaptureME Functionality

CaptureME is a browser extension that parses information on the web into AkkenCloud CRM records. CaptureME is available in Chrome and Firefox extension stores. 

Being a product of AkkenCloud, Users using CaptureME needs to login using their AkkenCloud credentials to start working with supported Job Boards. The details of the Supported Job Boards and their details are provided in the below section.

A guide for Installing/Updating AkkenCloud CaptureME in Firefox and Chrome are available in the below topic.


Once the user adds CaptureME into Firefox or Chrome, click on the AkkenCloud Icon in the extensions section on the browser to open a login screen appears as shown below.

User needs to provide AkkenCloud credentials and click on Login. Once the login is successful, below screen appears.

Now CaptureME detects the profile the user is viewing on the supported job sites and checks for the profile availability on AkkenCloud CRM Candidates/Contacts. Below is the screen when an availability check is processing.


This background check is a process that completes with in a few seconds. Once the check is completed, CaptureME determines of the profile is available in AkkenCloud or not. If the profile is not present, then the AkkenCloud icon turn into Red. If the profile is available, then the AkkenCloud icon turns Green as shown in below images respectively.

If the user is not present, CaptureME allows the user to add the profile as a candidate/contact into AkkenCloud. Below is the screen.

Now if user clicks on Candidate, the profile resume is downloaded and CaptureME opens a window to select the downloaded resume.

Once user selects the downloaded file, AkkenCloud creates a candidate records on the fly and wait for the user to save the record in to AkkenCloud as shown in below image.

Once the data of the candidate is checked, user can click on save to create a candidate record in AkkenCloud. Users can modify specific data before saving if needed. Once the record is saved, CaptureME turns into Green and displays brief details of the candidate. Below is the sample screen.

Once the profile is added into AkkenCloud, there after when ever the user visits this profile. CaptureME turn into Green and displays the details of the record in AkkenCloud. 

User has a feasibility to view this candidate record in AkkenCloud from CaptureME with out actually going into AkkenCloud. Click on the View menu from the above screen to open the record in AkkenCloud as shown in the below image.

If the user wants to update the record in the AkkenCloud with latest social profile, then user can click on Update menu and select the downloaded profile and follow the same process of capturing a candidate.

CaptureME also provides a feasibility to add notes for a candidate in the AkkenCloud on the fly. Click on Notes menu to fetch all the notes present on the candidate record into CaptureME as shown in the below screen.

If CaptureME found more than one probable matching records in AkkenCloud for a particular profile. Then a similar screen is shown and user is provided with menu options to Merge, connect, add as a new record and wild card search. User can use any of the options to do a particular process according to the requirement. Below is the screen.

If user clicks on Connect menu. CaptureME connects the selected records to the social profile and displays the connected records in a connected screen as shown below.

If user clicks on Merge menu. For CaptureME to process merge successfully, User must select more than one record, all the selected records are to be either candidate or contact. Once these criteria is full filled, CaptureME opens a merge window as shown in the below screen.

Now user have to select one record and click on "Mark as Master Record" to merge all the other records into master record. Once the master record is selected, then click on Merge button at the bottom of the page. AkkenCloud merges the records accordingly and displays below message.

Once the records are merged, CaptureME displays only one record as shown in below image. Now user can click on the merged record and click on connect to attach the profile to AkkenCloud record.

CaptureME provides a wild card search option to the user for searching CRM records of AkkenCloud from CaptureME and do merge/connect operations. User can initiate this search from Capture Screen and Similar Screen. Below is an example for showing how this wild card search works in Capture Screen.


Click on Search menu from Capture/Similar Screen to initiate Wild Card Search. Below is the screen when user clicks on the menu.

User can type in a search key word and click on search icon. CaptureME fetches top 10 matching candidate and contact records from AkkenCloud. Below is the sample screen.

Note: A minimum of three letters must be provided for the search.

User can select duplicate records and merge them. Or connect a record to the social profile from the search results.

Supported Job Sites

CaptureME supports  LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Dice and Indeed for now. Steps to inquire for  supporting a new Job Site is provided in Limitations and Restrictions section.

A guide working of CaptureME with LinkedIn is available in the below topic.


A guide working of CaptureME with Zip Recruiter is available in the below topic.


A guide working of CaptureME with Dice is available in the below topic.


A guide working of CaptureME with Indeed is available in the below topic.


Limitations & Restrictions

Though CaptureME supports LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, Dice and Indeed for now. We would want to extend its functionality to various other Job Sites as well. So, CaptureME has a feasibility for the users to request AkkenCloud to support a particular Job Site.

When ever the user browses on some job site which is not supported by AkkenCloud CaptureME, then the below screen is displayed. User can click on "Click Here" button and fill up a short form and submit to AkkenCloud.

Firefox has few settings under privacy which could restrict Addin's to perform few functionalities. Due to which CaptureME functionality can be effected. We have provided a complete detail of under what settings CaptureME would be able to function as expected and under what settings CaptureME would not be able to function as expected.

Below are the settings where CaptureME would not be able to function as expected.

Firefox Options >> Privacy & Security >> History Section

1.  If user opts for never remember history. 

2. If user checks "Always use Private Browsing mode". 

For a proper functioning of CaptureME, user needs to use Firefox with wither of the following settings.

1. Allow Firefox to Remember History.

2. Using the custom settings for history by keeping "Always use private browsing mode" unchecked.

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