AkkenCloud Security Update

Action required to continue to use AkkenCloud after January 2020

As you know, AkkenCloud is accessed using web browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox, ext.Updates to these programs occur frequently to enhance security and new functionality.As such, older versions of browsers are no longer supported and may cause issues when used.

In addition to browsers, information is passed from your computers to AkkenCloud via the internet. Updates to security measures are constantly occurring. One such update is to the protocol used in passing information. The protocol is called TLS (Transport Security Layer). The browsers, may not function properly unless the latest version of the TLS (1.2) is enabled.

To align with the latest browser versions and updates to TLS, AkkenCloud has updated functions like ITM (Inbound Talent Marketing – displaying jobs on your website), OLS (Outlook Sync), QBS (Quickbooks Sync), TAXI (Time and Expense Import) and Open API.

Here are the steps that are required in order to upgrade to TLS 1.2 and maintain your existing AkkenCloud functionality:

Contact your IT department to upgrade your operating system to Windows 10. Older versions are no longer supporting TLS 1.2.

Contact your IT department to upgrade your browser. Chrome 79 or higher will support TLS 1.2.

Secure your website if using ITM - There are several steps that need to take place so that we can successfully secure your jobs page. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we can provide the steps.

Upgrade AkkenCloud OLS, QBS and TAXI. Contact us for the latest version.

If these actions are not taken, you will experience issues such as applicants not being able to apply to jobs through your website, resumes will not be parsed and other functions will not work.

If you have any questions, please contact us at customersuccess@akkencloud.com.

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