AkkenCloud CaptureME with LinkedIn

User must be logged in to LinkedIn to work with CaptureME. below is the screen for LinkedIn login. 

Note: CaptureME supports LinkedIn User, LinkedIn Recruiter and LinkedIn Recruiter-Lite.

Once  you are successfully logged in to your LinkedIn account, use the  browser extension icon to launch the new CaptureMe tool. Key in the same  AkkenCloud credentials used to access your AkkenCloud  account. This  connects your CaptureMe tool to your AkkenCloud account.

You would see a confirmation on the successful login into the new CaptureMe tool. 

Next  step is to look for profiles using your LinkedIn account. Once on a  profile, AkkenCloud CaptureMe would scan your AkkenCloud CRM database  and indicate if it is an already existing profile with a green color. A  red color indicates you are looking at a completely new profile that  does not exist in your AkkenCloud CRM.

You  would also be prompted by the CaptureMe tool to bring in this new found  profile into your AkkenCloud CRM either as a contact or a candidate.  Click on the module you want to add this profile to and when prompted,  click on Save.

This is when background processes initiate and prepare the new profile to be added to your CRM database

Click on Select to choose the new profile pdf in your browsers download folder

Select the profile pdf and click on Open. This will parse the data within the pdf and opens a new AkkenCloud CRM record screen

The  Source of such a candidate/contact will be site name i.e. “LinkedIn”  and Source Type would be “AkkenCloud Browser Extension” in the Summary  screen.

AkkenCloud CaptureME displays a green icon if it is an existing profile

Summary  with few details of the profile will be displayed as shown below. If  the side bar is closed, click on the green AkkenCloud icon to display  basic profile details from AkkenCloud

Click on “Show in AkkenCloud”, you will be re-directed to the Profile found in AkkenCloud.

If  the searched profile matches with more than one record in your  AkkenCloud CRM, a list of those records will be displayed on the  CaptureME screen

User can select a record from the list and click on Connect.  The selected candidate/contact record which is displayed on the  extension screen will be connected to the current profile displayed on  LinkedIn profile. Later, whenever the user browses the same profile in  LinkedIn, the connected candidate/contact record from AkkenCloud will be  displayed.

If the user clicks on a record from the list and select “Show in AkkenCloud”, AkkenCloud summary screen of a selected record is shown

If the LinkedIn profile needs to be created as a new record in AkkenCloud, user can click on “Capture As New” button. This will take to capture screen of CaptureME, and the capture process can be followed.

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