AkkenCloud CaptureME with ZipRecruiter

Like LinkedIn CaptureME supports its functionality with ZipRecruiter.  Unlike LinkedIn ZipRecruiter has a single type of login for employer.  User will have to login to ZipRecruiter to access the candidates and  capture in to AkkenCloud using CaptureME. There are two different ways a  user can capture a candidate from ZipRecruiter.

Candidates Section

ZipRecruiter has Candidates section for an employer where potential candidates can be found. Below is the sample screen.

Based  on the criteria of the candidate, ZipRecruiter segregates the list of  candidates into various types like great match, new, hidden etc., Every  list has the similar structure for a candidate. When clicked on All Candidates the list of all candidates from ZipRecruiter are shown. Below is the sample image for the same.

Within  the candidates displayed, user can click on one of the candidates. Once  ZipRecruiter opens the complete candidate profile, CaptureME detects  the profile and checks for the its availability in AkkenCloud. Below is  the sample screen.

If  the candidate is present in AkkenCloud, CaptureME turns to Red Icon and  user can capture the profile as a candidate or a contact. All else  functionality works as usual.

Note: ZipRecruiter  shows a quick profile when user hovers on a candidate. CaptureME doesn’t  detect quick profiles. User can click on FullApplication to view complete profile of the candidate and work with CaptureME.

Resume Database Section

Like  Candidates section in the ZipRecruiter Menu, User can also get to the  candidates using resume database of ZipRecruiter. Resume Database has  sub menu options for the users to filter down the resumes searched in  ZipRecruiter. Below is the sample image for the same.

User  can search with the provided filters and can fetch desired candidate  resumes for their requirement. Below is the sample screen of the same.

User  must click on the candidate from the result and navigate to full  profile to make CaptureME work and check the profile availability.

To view the full profile user must click on the View Full Contact Info  button. When the profile loads in the web page, CaptureME detects the  profile and verify if it is present in AkkenCloud or not as shown in the  below image.

Note:  As in the candidate section, quick profile view is not detected by  CaptureMe because required information by AkkenCloud could not be  available in quick view. Below is the sample screen.

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