AkkenCloud CaptureME with Dice

CaptureME helps the user to capture a profile who applied to the jobs within Dice as a candidate or a contact. User must have an employer  login to make CaptureME work with Dice. Below is the guide/flow for  capturing a candidate from Dice to AkkenCloud.

Note: Candidate  profile can be captured/managed only from the full profile view  (explained in the sections below) in Dice. User must open a candidate  profile to starts availability check in CaptureME.

Below is the employer dashboard in Dice.

CaptureME  does not react to any other pages in Dice unless it is a complete  profile view page. As we can see in the above screen, CaptureME is in  the idle state. User can click on the candidate name to open complete  profile. Below is the sample screen.

Once  the profile view is opened, CaptureME starts checking the availability  of the profile in AkkenCloud. If the user is present either as contact  or a candidate, the icon turns green. If the profile is not present the  icon turns red as shown in below screen.

If  the profile is not present in AkkenCloud, then the user can click on  contact or candidate to capture the profile as contact/candidate. Once  the user clicks on candidate/contact the profile resume is downloaded as  a zip file and capture screen appears as shown below.

Now  user can select the downloaded ZIP file which contains one/more  documents along with resume. If the zip file has only one file which is  resume, then AkkenCloud parses the resume and opens a candidate summery  screen populated with the resume (profile) data as shown below.

Click  on save button to save the candidate profile in AkkenCloud. Once the  record is saved, CaptureME displays a profile screen with the captured  profile data, as shown below.

When  ever user visits this profile again in dice, CaptureME displayed the  profile details and the icon turns into green which indicates, profile  is present in AkkenCloud.

Now if the profile has more  than one document i.e., resume and cover letter, the downloaded zip file  consists of two files. Then CaptureME prompts user to select one of the  parsed records from the available files and process to save as a  candidate. Below is the flow explained with the help of sample screens.

User  can double click on each record on the grid to show up summery screen  populated with data parsed from the respective file. By checking the  data user can figure out which record must be saved as a candidate and  which record must be left alone.

Select one record and click on Add. AkkenCloud adds the selected record as a candidate as shown below.

Now  click on cancel leaving out any other records on the screen. Then  CaptureME displays AkkenCloud profiles to connect the present dice  profile as shown below.

User can select a record and click on connect. Once the record is connected, CaptureME displays the profile summary screen.

To view other profiles, user can click on “All Applicants” in Dice screen. Below is the sample screen where dice shows all the candidates who applied for a job posting.

Though  the profile of the candidate is provided by dice for a quick review in  all applicants screen. That is not a complete profile view and CaptureME  does not start its process in this screen. User can click on the name  of the candidate to open a profile view and then CaptureME can start  checking for the availability of the user. As shown in the below screen.

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