You can view the list of deactivated users from User Management home page. All the three types of users: Employees, Self-Service Accounts and Consultants can be deactivated.

ReActivating user accounts:

Once you're on the Deactivated Users page you can then determine which types of users you wish to view by using the dropdown menu labelled 'User Type':

To reactivate a user account you would simply click on the orange icon on the far right of the screen.

To view a full sized copy of the image, please click directly onto the graphic.

To activate the user account for an employee:

Click on the Activate  icon for the employee you want to reactivate. The system refreshes and displays the following alert message as shown below:

How Reactivated Employee’s email will function upon reactivation:

  • If the employee’s email folders were moved to another employee, then the Reactivated Employee will not see legacy emails and folders in their collaboration email screen.
  • If email forwarding was enabled to go to another employee, that will stop and all new emails will be sent to the Reactivated Employee.
  • If no email options were selected when deactivating, the email account will contain all information that it had before.
  • Click on the Reactivate Employee to reactivate the employee.
  • Click on the Cancel to cancel and return back to previous page.