Knowledge center acts as knowledge base for the users of the application. As an administrator, you can create many solutions/articles that would be of interest to your users and adding the solution/useful content to enterprise portal. You can also allow the users to know and view the solutions. The articles/content is stored as items and can be organized by categories.

Using the knowledge center, the users can also find the answers to the queries posted by them without having a need to send the mail to the Admin people. All questions that are selected to ‘Add to Portal’ will be available in the Knowledge center section in home page.

Knowledge Center

The knowledge center includes anything that would provide the users with the information they need about a product or others.

  1. Select the Admin >> Knowledge center from menu bar or from the left menu to display the Knowledge Center home page.
  2. Knowledge Center screen is divided in two parts – the upper part of the screen displays the articles and items which are posted by the others. See the "Responding to user" query topic for details. 
  3. The Enterprise portal part of the screen displays all the items which the administrator selected to enterprise portal including the items which are added by the administrator.
  4. The items that displays are the items which have been selected to add to enterprise portal.
  5. Use the search bar to display the records matched with the text string specified in the search bar columns.
  6. Use the Search option to find the articles you are looking for. See the "Searching the Articles" topic to know more.
  7. Use the ‘Add New Item to Portal’ link to add new article to portal. See the "Add an item to Enterprise Portal" topic for details.
  8. Use the ‘Delete’ link to delete items from enterprise portal. See the "Delete Enterprise Portal item" topic for details.
  9. Highlight any task and double click it to view and modify the details.  See the "Modify Enterprise Portal Item" topic for more details.
  10. See the "Paging options" topic to know how to use the paging options displayed at the bottom of the Knowledge Center page.
  11. Clicking on any column heading allows sorting of the records either in ascending or descending order.