The users may post questions for information or solution they need about product or technology or any other. The administrator can respond to questions posted by users. The system automatically displays the type of the item as either ‘Question’ or ‘Suggestion’ or ‘Answered Question’ depending upon the type of article received.

To respond to an article:

  1. Select the Admin >> Knowledge center from menu bar or from the left menu to display the Knowledge center home page.
  2. The upper part of the knowledge center screen displays the items posted by various users. It displays the Question/Headline, Category and Type details.
  3. Before responding or answering the articles you need to make sure that you have selected article type “Question”. The Type column displays the article type of the item.
  4. Click on the Title link of the item. The screen refreshes by displaying the details of the question, and providing you opportunity to answer the question. 

Responding to User Query

  1. The Posted by field displays the user name who has posted the questions.
  2. Select the department that is allowed to view this article on enterprise portal from Departments list box. The selected department users can view this item in enterprise portal.
  3. The category with which the user associated the question is displayed in the Which Category To Choose field.
  4. Enable Suggest Category check box and enter the category name in the text box provided, if you wish to associate this item with new category.
  5. Enter your response/answer for the question in the Answer textarea. You can write as much as you can.
  6. Enter the keywords to associate with this item which facilitates to find the items quickly in the Key words text box.
  7. Use Link for this record text box to specify the source to support your answer.
  8. If you want to upload any document to assist the user for getting the solution, click on the ‘Browse’ button in the Upload Document field and select the document.
  9. If you wish to add this item to enterprise portal, enable Add to portal check box.  Selecting the ‘Add to Portal’ check box is optional. Selecting this check box automatically adds this item to enterprise portal.
  10. Click on the ‘Answer’ link to post your answer.
  11. Click on the ‘Cancel’ link to cancel and return to previous page.

Note: If you select Add to Portal check box for any item, the selected item will be displayed in the enterprise portal part of Knowledge Center screen.