Activity Description
Time Sheets Time Sheets help you keep track of the employees who are currently working on job orders/assignments. It provides the accounting department with the ability to know how many hours the employee has worked and how many hours should be billed to the Customer by checking the time sheets that have been  submitted and approved.
Expenses Expenses can be entered to calculate the exact amount that has been spent by an employee for business purposes. You can keep a check of all the expenses that the employee has incurred by looking at the submitted and approved expenses.
Accounts The Accounts feature provides detailed information about the financial transactions that have occurred within the organization. It displays a list of the chart of the accounts, which includes all financial transactions such as deposits, payments and the balance amount due.
Customers The Customers feature in Accounting will maintain a list of all the customers/clients details. Under Customers, you can create invoices, deliver invoices and receive payments per those delivered invoices. Also, the history of invoices is maintained in an area called invoice history where users can view which invoices have been paid and which invoices still have outstanding balances.
Vendors Accounting provides users with the options to designate three different types of Vendors: General Vendors, Consulting Vendors, and Consultants. The Vendors feature helps you to keep track of all the paid bills, and bills that are due. This feature enables users to create bills, and monitor all of the financial transactions pertaining to the vendors.
Employees This feature provides users with the visibility to see gross earnings per employee or if the Quickbooks Sync is enabled pay stubs that are processed in Quickbooks can be accessed as well.
Banking Banking  helps you to create new bank accounts and allows you to track financial transactions within Akken.
Assignments Assignments feature enables users to manage the assignments/work orders for the employees.  Assignments are created when a candidate is placed on a Job order in CRM.
Workers Compensation The Workers Compensation Codes home page displays the list of compensation codes that are created by the user.