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Objective of this release is to provide new functionality to maintain a manageable skills list. As part of this, we introduced a new menu in Admin, modified the skills tab for candidates, applicants and employees along with the skills section in "Job Orders". Users would still be able to parse resumes and auto populate all recognized keywords as skills as before. However, with this release users will also have an option to either retain the parsed skills and add more skills from the list maintained in AkkenCloud or remove the parsed skills and then add skills from the list.


1. Introduced a new preference under Admin for “Skill Management”

2. Introduced a new preference under Candidates for “Manageable Skills”

3. Introduced a new menu in Admin for "Skill Management"

4. Modified "Skills Tab" on the candidate, applicant and employee records

5. Modified "Skills Section" of the "Job Orders"

6. Modified Advance Search section in candidates


1. Introduced a new preference under Admin for “Skill Management”.



Selecting the preference in the above screenshot enables a menu for "Skill Management" under Admin. This preference can be turned on for just Admin users so the list can be maintained just by them.


2.) Introduced a new preference under CRM candidates, HRM Applicants and Employees




Selecting the preferences in above screenshot enables the option to add skills to the list by a non-admin user directly from the Candidates screen in CRM along with Applicants and Employees screen in HRM.


3. Menu item is located within Admin for Skill Management





Click on "Admin – Skill Management" to go to the skills list. This screen will NOT list any skills by default. A list must be created to be able to select skills on the candidate, applicants or employee screens.



Click on Add New Skill to get to the pop up for creating a new skill. Key in a skill name and click on Save. Skills can also be categorized for each HRM Department. Category and Department are optional.

Skill Categories can be added via multiple links.


a) Click on Manage categories on the main skill listing screen to get to the pop up as below



Click on Add New Category, key in a Category and click on Save.



b) When adding a new skill, Click on Select/Edit List next to Category(s).




Click on "Add New Category" to get to the "Manage Categories" pop up. Click on "Add New Category" and Save.

To assign a skill to a category, click on the link “Select/Edit List” next to the “Category(s)” label. This would launch a pop-up that lists all existing skill categories. Select the category(s) on the left side and click on “Add”. Selected category names would now be visible on the right side. Click on "Save".



A similar option for assigning skills to an HRM Department(s) exists by using the link “Select/Edit List” next to Department(s). However, new HRM Departments CANNOT be added from this section.


4. Modified skills tab on Candidates, Applicants and Employee records.


 a) Adding skills when creating new candidates manually using the wizard

When in CRM Candidates, click on New to get to the options for creating candidates. Select the first option to use the wizard.



When on the skills tab, links to add skills are visible in two places. Click on any link to get to the pop-up listing all pre-defined skills.


The pop up offers multiple ways to filter/search existing skills. Drop downs for Department and Category can be used to filter the list of skills provided a skill has been assigned to a category or a department.



Skill name can also be keyed into the “Search Skill(s)” and by clicking on “Search” will narrow down the list as in the above screenshot.


b) Modifying skills for candidates that were created by parsing a resume




Users can select multiple skills on the left side in the pop up and click on Add so they list on the right side in the pop up. Click on "Save" to populate the candidates skills tab with the selected skills.



Default values of “Current” for Last Used and “Expert” for Skill Level are populated with a blank "Years of Experience" field. Set appropriate values for these and click on "Save" the candidate record. Skills added can also be deleted using the red “X” next to each skill.



Skills added from the list of managed skills are displayed on the candidate screen with skill type as “Managed”. They can be deleted by selecting the check boxes to the left and using the link “Delete Selected Skills”.

Note: When uploading a new resume to an existing candidate, all existing skills would be replaced by the newly parsed skills except the managed skills added by the user. Parsing does not overwrite any previously added skills from the manageable list.


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