Burden Management

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Burden Management provides you with the capability to itemize your individual Burdens.


Giving access to users within AkkenCloud


Any users that will oversee and handle your burdens will first need access to the 'Burden Management' screen.


·   Go to Admin - User Management and click on the user preferences icon next to your employee’s name




     Check the box for 'Burden Management'



·How to setup Burden Management


Go to Admin - Burden Management. You will need to first 'Enable' burden management by clicking on the radio button next to 'Enable'


·   Next, you need to create the individual burden items that will be included in your Burden Types, click on 'View Burden Item'



Next click on 'Add New Burden Item'


Enter in the following information; Burden Item Name, Burden Value, Burden Mode (either % or Flat Amount), Burden On (Pay Rate, Bill Rate or Hours), Rates to apply on, Threshold Amount (if applicable), select Billable or Non-Billable and Taxable or Non-Taxable. Then click on Save.



After you have created your burden items you can create your individual burden types. Click on 'Create Burden Type'


·    Select the burden items from the list that you would like to include in this burden type and click on 'Add Selected Burden Items'



·    Now decide if you would like to add these items to an existing burden type or create a new burden type by selecting the respective radio button. For new burden type, name your burden and click on save.


How to use Burden Types


Within a Job Order record (new or existing):


Scroll down to 'Billing Information'. Burden will default to 'Zero Burden'. To apply a burden, fill in your pay rate and bill rate, then choose the appropriate burden type from the drop-down menu.


·   Once you have selected your burden type, the individual burden items will populate to the right of the burden type and the 'Margin' will recalculate based on your pay/bill rates and burden(s).


Adding Burden Types to Job Locations


When adding a new Job Location or editing an existing one, you can add Pay and Bill Burdens per that location and choose whether or not users can overwrite each one.


On the Job Order, either select ‘new’ or ‘edit’ an existing Job Location, then select your burden(s) and choose whether or not to ‘Allow user to overwrite’. Once you ‘Save’ or ‘Update’ your location, the burden(s) will be automatically added to the Billing Information. Anytime that Job Location is selected on a Job Order, the burden(s) will be included.



Note: You can also perform the above steps on Company Records, Placement Details Screen and Assignments. Any information that you populate in the Billing Information section of a Job Order will flow through to back-office Assignments, Time Sheets and Invoices.


Adding Default Burdens to Company Records:



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