To access User Management, you can navigate to Admin-->User Management.


User Management is where you can see create/deactivate users, see active users, edit user preferences, change user types, as well as changing usernames and passwords:


The User icons to the far right of the User Management screen each have a certain functionality:


  • Preferences Icon - This is where you can manage which screens each user has access to see in their account:    

  • Edit Username - This is where you can change a user's username:    

  • Edit Password - This is where you can change a user's password:     

  • Email Setup - This is where you can setup a user's email for them instead of them doing it themselves:

  • Deactivate - This is where you go to deactivate a user account:    

     After clicking 'Select Employee' when changing ownership of records, you will get the following pop-up window to select an internal employee to move the record ownership to:

    • Note: If you utilize AkkenCloud as your email client you can also move existing and new emails that were originally tied to a user and move them to another user (as long as they have an email account configured in AkkenCloud).