ultigigs Mobile App - Quick Reference Guide

Modified on Mon, 27 Mar 2023 at 11:28 AM

Release v1.7.4

ultigis mobile application is built for Employee Self Service (ESS) users. Instead of using a browser to login to their account, self service employees can now use ultigigs mobile application.

ESS User / Ultigigs Application Setup

  1. Ultigigs runs on either Android or iOS (Apple) devices.  Before installing ultigigs, make sure your mobile phone has the latest operating software updates applied.
  2. Employee Self Service (ESS) User Requirement - All ultigigs mobile users must have an ESS account setup before downloading and using ultigigs
  3. The Recruiting Agency's AkkenCloud system administrator will provide your ESS login credentials which include Company ID/Username/Password.
  4. FOR FIRST TIME ESS users:
    1. First time ESS users are prompted to login to the AkkenCloud portal application and reset your ESS user password via a pc or mobile phone browser.  
    2. Go to https://login.akken.com
    3. Follow the instructions to change your password
    4. This step must be completed first before using ultigigs.  
    1. First time ultigigs users are prompted to reset your ultigigs password when logging into the application.
      (Note: For ease of use, set the ultigigs password to the same password used in step 4)
    2. Download and install the ultigigs app from the Apple App or Google Play stores to your mobile phone.  
    3. To use GEO FENCE FEATURE (Single User Mode -> Clock In / Clock Out Time Sheet type), a mobile device's location services must be set to "ALWAYS ON" and the device must be running the latest operating system (Android-13.x, iOS 16.x).
    4. In your mobile device settings menu, go to location service settings and change the ultigigs application location services setting to “Always On"
  6. Be sure to store your Company ID/Username/Password information in a secure place.
  7. When installing ultigigs, enabling biometrics on mobile devices greatly simplifies the daily and sub-screen login and user verification processes.
  8. Select one of the below"mode types" before you sign into ultigigs...

Ultigigs Mobile Application Menu

  •     My Jobs - Default application landing page, shows current all ESS user assignments
  •     Vacant Shifts - Future functionality for Shift Claiming
  •     Time Sheets - Direct link to Time Sheet details
  •     My References - Future functionality for referring friends to job opportunities
  •     Expenses - Capture and upload expenses    
  •     My Availability - Sets you availability (visible in CICO Dashboard or on Assignment ???? )
  •     Change Password - Allows you to change your ultigigs password
  •     Sign Out - Sign out of the ultigigs application

Ultigigs Mode Types

After opening the ultigigs application, before you sign into ultigigs, the current mode type is indicated in the upper middle of the screen. Select the "Change Mode" link on the lower right of the sign in screen if you wish to change mode.  

Your staffing Agency's AkkenCloud Administrator will advise you on which Mode and Time Sheet type to use per Assignment


  1. Single User - used with the Time Sheet type Clock In/Clock Out (CICO) with an active GeoFence perimeter.
  2. Multi User - Refer friends, search other employmentement opportunities, set shift preferences, etc. 
  3. Time Clock Mode - defaults to Punch In/Punch Out (PIPO) Time sheet type Time Clock Mode is identical to CICO without the GeoFence.

Single User Mode -"Clock In/Clock Out" (CICO) Time Sheet - with GeoFence

CICO with GeoFence allows the Staffing agency administrator to set an active perimeter which will automatically clock out a user when they go outside the designated GeoFence Perimeter.

  1. At the ultigigs sign in page, select "Change Mode" and press "Single User" mode. 
  2. Sign in with the previously provided Company ID/Username/Password 
  3. The user will land on the "MyJobs" menu which displays the user's current assignments
  4. Select the assignment number (ASGN#) for the position you are working as communicated by your Staffing Agency.  This will display detailed Job Location, Reports To, and Assignment information.  
  5. Select the blue “Submit Time Sheet” button at the bottom of this page.
  6. The Time Sheets page then displays, with Create New, Saved, Submitted, Approved, and Rejected time sheets.
  7. Select “Create New” and then the "Clock In/Clock Out" (CICO) Time Sheet option.  
  8. Users are presented with a digital Google map and a red GeoFence perimeter based on the Staffing Agency's preset value.
  9. Press the blue “Clock In” button at the bottom of this screen to start a shift
  10. If the Recruiting Agency has enabled the ultigigs biometrics setting, and the user has enabled biometrics on the mobile device and in the ultigigs application, the device specific biometric login method will be displayed when you start your shift and at various other workflow points to maintain security within the ultigigs system.
  11. When a user leaves the GeoFence perimeter, you will be automatically clocked out due to going outside the GeoFence. Once you return inside the GeoFence perimeter, you must manually select "End Break" in order to clock back into your shift
  12. To end the shift, press the red "End Shift" button.
  13. The current shift time details will be shown.
  14. Verify the shown worked hours are accurate orrate, or select the pencil icon to edit your Time Sheet.  If you edit your Time Sheet, you must indicate a reason for the edit.
  15. Press "Save" if edited.
  16. Press "Submit" to send submit a daily Time Sheet to your supervisor. 
  17. If instructed by the staffing agency to "Submit A Weekly Time Sheet"...
    1. Do not select "Submit" once your shift ends
    2. Using the arrow in the upper left, select the left arrow to go back one page, or select the three stacked lines/Hamburger icon to navigate to a different ultigigs menu page
    3. At the end of the work week, while signed into ultigigs, go to Time Sheets > Saved and set the 7 day date range for the workweek you want to submit a weekly time sheet.
    4. Select "Submit Weekly Time Sheet" option at the bottom of the work week.
  18. You may sign out of ultigigs until your next shift, close the application but don't sign out, or you may leave the app running.
  19. If you did not sign out, when reopening the ultigigs app on your next workday the application will remember your mode type, company ID/username/password and ask for secure biometric verification.  Users are then placed back at the "My Jobs" menu and can select their assignment for the day, and clock in repeating setups 4-9 above

IMPORTANT:  If using the ultigigs Single User Mode Clock In / Clock Out with GEOFENCE ...

  • Be sure your mobile device location services are set to "Always On."
  • Be sure your Android or Apple phone is running the latest software with the latest security patches
  • Do not sign out of the ultigigs app, or your current CICO Time Clock session may be clocked out as if you are on a break.  
  • If the app is accidently closed, you may quickly re-open the app to re-establish your current shift’s running Time Clock.
  • The ultigigs application should always be open, in the foreground or background in your mobile device active application windows.  
  • Ultigigs will continue to track your time when the application is left open in the background on your mobile device so you may use other mobile applications.

Time Clock Mode - "Punch In/Punch Out" (PIPO) Time Sheet 


This mode and PIPO Time Sheet type is the same as Single User mode CICO Time Sheet type without GeoFence functionality
  1. At the ultigigs sign in page, select "Change Mode" and press "Time Clock" mode.
  2. Sign in with the previously provided Company ID/Username/Password
  3. The user will land on the Punch In / Punch Out Assignment page which will list all current assignments.
  4. Select the appropriate assignment, and the user will land at the Punch In / Punch Out Time Clock page.
  5. If the Recruiting Agency has enabled the ultigigs biometrics setting, and the user has enabled biometrics on the mobile device and in the ultigigs application, the device specific biometric login method will be displayed when you start your shift.
  6. Select "Punch In" to start your shift.
  7. The Timer will start and will continue to run in the background.
  8. In this mode and time sheet type, the application does not need to remain open on the mobile device.  A user may sign out of ultigigs after starting your shift and the Time Clock will continue to run.  Simply sign back in to start a break, end a break, or end your shift.
  9. Open the ultigigs when you wish to start a break, end a break, end your shift or sign out.
  10. When the user shift is complete, press the red "End Shift" button - this will submit your time sheet to your supervisor or accounting user for approval.  There is no editing permitted in the Time Clock mode PIPO Time Sheet type - any modifications to your Time Sheet must be performed by your supervisor or accounting user.
  11. The Time Sheet “Submitted Details” page is shown.
  12. When signing back in on your next workday day, the application will remember the mode selected during the application's last use.


  1. Select the “Start Break” button at the bottom of the screen if you are taking an unpaid break or meal.
  2. Do not press “Start Break” if you work in a state with a paid break law.  Check with your supervisor if you do not know whether your breaks are paid or unpaid.
  3. Reporting of paid break times is currently handled manually outside of ultigigs with your supervisor, accounting user / Time Sheet administrator.  
  4. Press the “Start Break” button to take an unpaid break or meal break.  
  5. Be sure to remember to punch back in by pressing the blue “Stop Break” button on the bottom left to clock or punch back in after your break.
  6. Press the red “End Shift” button on the bottom right to end your shift.
  7. ultigigs will automatically save and submit your daily time sheet 
  8. Press “OK” on the pop up to be returned to the “Submitted Details” page
  9. Select the “<” at the top left of the screen to return to the PIPO page for the most recently worked assignment.
  10. Select the "<" again to return PIPO page showing all assignments.
  11. The user may close the application or sign out by pressing the sign out symbol in the upper right of the application.
  12. When signing back in, the application will remember the Time Clock mode selected at the last sign in.


  1. Ultigigs uses Google maps for location services and requires the mobile user to allow location services to be "Always On" when utilizing GeoFence funtionality.  There can be instances when the user location may not be accurately reported, or when ultigigs may be blocked from verifying the mobile user location due to mobile access issues.  This could be due to a) the application needing location services permissions not set to "Always On" or b) interruptions in mobile device access to network resources.  The "Time Out" setting is Admin > Payroll Setup can be set to help alleviate connectivity issues for the duration of the chosen time out setting.
    1. Example:  If the Time Out setting is set to 10 minutes, the ultigigs application will continue to fetch Google Maps coordinates and attempt to communicate with the AkkenCloud backend server every two minutes.  Once 10 minutes have passed, if the user's connectivity issue is self resolved, the user will not be automatically clocked out and their shift continues as normal.
    2. If the Google Maps fetches coordinates that are not inside the GeoFence perimeter, the user will be clocked out automatically after the Time Out setting (10 minutes in this example).  
    3. Upon returning inside the GeoFence, the user must clock back in by pressing "End Break".
    4. When the user shift ends, if there are network issues which have prevented the user from ending a shift, the user may manually press "End Shift" and edit the Time Sheet for the correct hours worked that were missed.
  2. Pressing “Start Break” currently stops the time clock, so the time spent on break is not added to the hours worked.
  3. Users whose breaks are paid should not press “start break” unless they are taking an unpaid meal break or additional approved unpaid break.  Users may communicate paid break times to their administrator using the edit Time Sheet "reason" field after a user's shift ends, or other method external to ultigigs, as required by state law and company policy.  The application will be enhanced in the future to allow, track and report paid or unpaid breaks at the assignment level.
  4. A settings menu will be added to ultigigs to show all pertinent settings to the user.


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