About This Document:
This document details the steps required to resolve "Error!  Location service is rejected by user".

This procedure requires that the AkkenCloud user have already setup their ESS account in AkkenCloud, and have downloaded and installed ultigigs from the App / Play store. 


 I receive the following error message after I Clock-In and my iPhone screen locks:


This error is a result of the mobile device location services not being setup for "Always"

1) Check to make sure that Location Services on is set to "Always" instead of "Only While Using"

        in iOS:  

        Settings > Privacy > Location Services [On] > [scroll down] Select ultigigs > [ALLOW LOCATION

        ACCESS] > make sure "Always" is checked.  

        Make sure "Precise Location" button is set to "On" (green = enabled or on)

        in Android:

        Make sure location services is toggled "On"

2) Sign out of ultigigs

3) Close the application

4) Open the application & log in with your ESS user credentials.

If the problem continues, contact Customer Success @ customersuccess@akkencloud.com or