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How can I add a logo to my e-mail signature?
First make sure the logo is saved to your PC. Upload the logo to a website such as (you do not have to sign up to use). Once uploaded, right...
How do I back up my data?
No need, we back it up for you in real-time
How can I add/change logo on our eDesk?
Click on the Admin tab of Akken and click on 'Content Management'. Click on 'Logo Setup' on the left-hand side of the content m...
Is my data secure in the AkkenCloud? Will I own my data?
Yes, Akken has partnered with AT&T who are considered one of the most secure data centers in the country Yes, even though information is hosted with...
What service model is Akken Staffing? Client-server or Web-based?
Akken Staffing is an on demand, Software-as-a-Service provider. We are 100% hosted via the Internet.  
Will I receive upgrades? If so, how often?
Akken has free, scheduled upgrades every Month. We also release a monthly update pop-up when logging in for the upcoming month's new features. Our auto...
Can I input my existing database into your system?
Yes, you can do so in two ways: Our system has import/export capabilities so you can transfer some data yourself if you’d like For large and compl...
Does Akken work on Macintosh?
AkkenCloud works on all devices from anywhere. We are 100% web based and work on all browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox and Opera.
Can I use the international phone and date format?
Yes, Akken supports international phone formats and mm-dd-yyyy formatting.
Does Akken Staffing have spell check?
Firefox, Chrome, and Safari have built in spell check options that will underline words that are spelled incorrectly in red. In addition, you can right cli...