Front Office

Are attachments in the Document panel of a record searchable?
No, attachments in the document panel of a record are not searchable
Why does Akken log me out after 2 hours?
As a security precaution, sessions are ended after 2 hours of inactivity. You can sign in again to resume using the application
Can I add multiple IP addresses? Can I restrict a user's log-in to a specific IP address?
Yes, you can have multiple IP addresses Yes, you can restrict a user's log-in to a specific IP address
How do I import Contacts/Candidates?
To import Contacts/Candidates into your Akken database: First, your import spreadsheet should be saved as a .CSV file to be imported. Next, o...
What does ACR and ZCR stand for and how do I remove them from my Candidate screen?
ACR stands for Area Code Radius. This ties in with the Home Phone field. When using the Advanced Search tab on the Candidate search screen you can ent...
Parsing Profile Data From LinkedIn
For an explanation of how to parse profile data from LinkedIn, please see the attached document.
Adding Commission Information to a Job Order
How to Setup Commissions on Job Orders Commissions in Akken can be setup as single tier or multiple tiers in AkkenCloud.  While you do have the ability ...
How Do I Create a Per Diem Job Order / View Per Diem Job Orders
Step 1: Admin > Shift Management > Select the "Per Diem" checkbox and then select "Update" Step 2:   You will see the f...