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The Submissions section on eDesk displays the list of submissions done for each job order. The submission details are displayed under the following columns: Company, Job Title, # Sub (Submissions)and Inquiries (unread).


Submissions Section Screen



  • The Job Orders that are Closed, Filled,Archived and Cancelled will not be displayed in eDesk – Submissions section.


The below table explains the purpose of each column displayed in the Submissions section:

CompanyThis column will display the name of the company of the job order for which submission is done. All the names will be displayed in the ascending order. The company name will be a hyperlink. Clicking on a company name link will display the Company Summary screen, as viewed from CRM – Companies (double-click on a company record), as shown below: 

Note: The company name and the title will be displayed in full in the available length in the submissions section. If the company name is longer than available space, then it will be appended by two dots, like “..” to show that the name of the company or the job title is longer than displayed.

When the user moves the mouse over the links (Company and Job Title), the system will display the corresponding full names as a tool tip.

Job TitleThis column will display the title of the job order. All the job order titles will be displayed in ascending order. The job order title will be a hyperlink. Clicking on this link will display the Job Order Summary screen as displayed in CRM – Job Orders (double-click on a job order record), as shown below: 

Note: If there are multiple job order from the same company, then the sorting will be done based on name of the company in ascending order and then job order title in the ascending order.


#Sub (Submissions)This column will display the actual number of submissions done for the job order. The Submissions screen contains the list of candidates submitted for the Job Order. These numbers will be hyperlinks. 

Clicking on a link will display the Submissions screen as displayed when the user clicks on a number link in the Candidates column in CRM – Job Orders home page, as shown below:


Inquiries (unread)This column will display the actual number of inquiries received for this job order. These will be the number of new/unread inquiries. Only the unread inquiry will be displayed as hyperlinks. Clicking on a link will display the Submissions screen. 

The unread folder count will be updated even when the inquiries are opened from Inbox or replied from Inbox.

Clicking on the job order submission title will displays the Submissions screen as shown below:


Submissions Screen

The above screen allows you to view Inquires and Responses, if any.

To view the submissions done from eDesk:

  1. Click on the ‘Submission title’ link to view the submissions done by you. The submission pop up window is displayed.
  2. The submission pop up window displays the New Inquiries, Position Title, Responded Details, Date and Submitted By columns details respectively as shown in the above screen.
  3. The New Inquiries  icon is displayed when you receive inquiries for the submission.
  4. The Responded Inquiries icon is displayed when you respond to the inquiry for the submission.
  5. Click on the ‘New Inquiries’ icon link to view and respond to the inquiries received.
  6. Click on the ‘Responded inquiries’ icon link to view the responded inquiries for the submission.
  7. To close the window, click on the ‘Close’ link.
Refer to the ‘Creating response for submissions inquiry’ topic in CRM module to know how to create response for submission and view responded inquiries.

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