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Tasks in E-Desk allow you to quickly add tasks and view all the tasks assigned for the day. Tasks on E-Desk are displayed with the Date and Title of the task as a link. The link also displays the Contact Name and the person who created the task. You can add multiple tasks and update the status of each task as it is progressing.

AkkenCloud Staffing allows you to view Task Manager home page from E-Desk. Click on the ‘Tasks’ link on the E-Desk. Result: The Task Manager home page is displayed. 

Refer to the ‘Task Manager’ topic under Collaboration to know more about the Tasks.

Modify Task Details

To edit task details:

1. Click on the relevant ‘Task’ link you wish to edit on eDesk. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the Edit Task Screen to edit task item.

2. Modify the task details.

3. Click on the ‘Update’ link to update the task details. Result: The Edit Task screen updates and saves the changes.

4. To close the window, click on the ‘Close’ link.

Create a New Task

On the eDesk home page, click on the New link available in the Tasks section to create a new task. The Add Task screen pops up by displaying the form to create a new task. The task manager screen is divided into two parts, namely, ‘Task Info’ and ‘Task details’. The task info part captures the new task information.


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To create a new task:

  1. Select the task type from the Categories drop list. To create a new task type rather than a type from the drop down list box, click on the ‘Manage Categories’ link. See the Manage Categories topic for more details. 

  2. Specify the subject for the task in the Subject text box. 
  3. Specify the Start Date and Due Date of the task from the fields provided. 

  4. Alternatively, you can click on the calendar  icon to specify the start date and due date of the task.

  5. Specify the task status from the Status drop down list. The Status is a drop down list containing the following options: Not Started, In Progress, Waiting on someone else, Deferred and Completed. 

  6. The fields marked in * (red star) are mandatory. 

  7. You can also specify the task priority from the Priority drop down list. For instance, you can select as high/low/medium etc. By default, the priority is selected as ‘Normal’ 

  8. Specify the percentage of task completed in the % completed text box. This helps to keep track of your each task. For instance, you can enter as 50% or 75% etc., 

  9. Enter the task description in the Description textarea. 
  10. You can specify the date till which the task can be reminded on eDesk. To do this, select the ‘Remind me on eDesk until’ check box and specify the Month, Day, Year and Time by selecting in their respective fields from the drop down list.  The task will be reminded on eDesk until the date you specify. The reminders for tasks will start from task start date until reminder date. For example:  If the user creates a new task with today (24 February 2009) as Start Date and Reminder Date as March 01, 2009, then the system displays the reminder in eDesk->Reminders section from today till March 01, 2009. 

  11. Alternatively, you can click on calendar  icon to specify the date till which the task can be reminded on eDesk.

  12. You will find the Recurrence link in the Recurrence field. Clicking on this link allows you to set the task recurrence. Based on the recurrence set, the task will be displayed in the eDesk->Tasks section and Task Manager home page. 

  13. Once you apply the selected task recurrence settings, the system displays the selected recurrence information in the Add Task screen. 

Task Details

To add completed task information:

  1. Specify the date of task completion by selecting the Month, Day and Year in their respective fields drop down list. 

  2. Alternatively, you can click on the calendar  icon to specify the task completion date.

  3. Enter the total work hours in Total Work text box. 
  4. Enter the actual work hours in Actual Work text box. 
  5. Enter the companies involved in the Companies text box. 
  6. Enter the mileage in the Mileage text box. 
  7. Enter the billing information in the Billing Information text box. 
  8. The user can now browse and upload the required files to the new task from the Upload File(s) field, if required. To upload the file, click the Browse button and select the required file and click Open. The system displays the uploaded file in the Uploaded File(s) section. The user can remove the uploaded files, if required by clicking on the Remove link available next to the Uploaded File(s) field. All the tasks added will be displayed in the eDesk on the date it has been created and not for the duration of the task. 

  9. User can upload many files. 
  10. Click on the ‘Save’ link to save new task details. Result The Add Task screen saves the task details and the Task Manager Home page is displayed with the new task added in the existing list. 

  11. Click on the ‘Close’ link to cancel and return to the previous page. 

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