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Knowledge Center

Employees need to share and access information quickly so that they can become more efficient. Knowledge Center on eDesk acts as a knowledge base by enabling the users to post their queries and in turn get their answers and important information.

Relevant information or content at a glance is provided by Knowledge Center portal. Significant answered queries posted by you or other users, important contents and much more can be viewed in knowledge portal once the administrator approves it to be  added to the portal.

Click on the  ‘Knowledge Center’ link to view knowledge central portal from eDesk. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the Knowledge Center portal screen under Collaboration.

Knowledge Center portal description:

1. If you have several items in Knowledge Center portal, it may some times difficult to find the item you are looking for. In order to ease this difficulty, you have search option at the top right corner and bottom right corner of the page.

2. Enter the key words in the Search for text box and click on the  search icon to find the items. Result: The Knowledge Center screen refreshes by displaying the matched items.

3. Select the category from the drop down list of Choose Category field to view any specific category items. By default knowledge portal displays the ‘All’ categories items. You can choose this option to refine your search in case you have several items.


Click on 'New' under Knowledge Center on eDesk to post a question. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the Ask Question screen under Collaboration.

To post a new item:

1. The Posted by field displays the logged in user name.

2. Select the category under which your question falls or is likely to fall from the drop down list of Select Category field.

3. Select the ‘Suggest New Category’ check box and enter the new category in the text box provided. For instance, if your question is about technology, then you can create a new category as ‘Technology’.

4. Enter your question in the Your Question text box.

5. Click on the ‘Ask’ link to save and post the question. Result: The Ask Question screen refreshes by saving.

6. Click on the ‘Cancel’ link to cancel and return to the previous page.


This section displays the count on number of answered questions out of the total questions posted by you. Click on the ‘Answered Questions’ link to view for the queries posted by you. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the My FAQ screen under collaboration.

My FAQ page displays the Title, Category and Type columns along with other options.


The number of contents and queries posted by you. Click on the ‘New Postings’ link to view a list of queries posted by you. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the My FAQ screen under Collaboration.

My FAQ screen displays the Title, Category and Type columns along with other options.

The Type column displays the type of item. It helps you to identify whether the item is a Suggestion, Question or Answered Question depending upon the status.

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