The purpose of Collaboration is to establish the internal and external communication and enhance the personal management. The personal management is enhanced through range of features like scheduling, tasks lists, messaging, reminders, message rules and personal address book.

Akken Staffing’s Collaboration acts, as a one-stop-shop for all the communication and collaboration needs.

Let us take an overview of the entire collaboration. In collaboration, you can do the following,

Activity Description
E-Mail Akken Staffing provides full and enhanced featured e-mail tool that can be used for any purpose. E-mail messages can be sent, received, sorted, deleted, moved, forwarded etc., Users can save the e-mail messages to convert them as regular work related activity. Users are can use filters to redirect the messages into the personalized folders. External e-mail account maintenance is facilitated to the users. Maintain important contacts details in the personalized address book.
Calendar Calendar provides calendar setup, multiple views and flexible time and personal management through filling open time slots for new engagements. Calendar activities can be created, updated and maintained.
Task Manager Individual tasks can be scheduled, prioritized and can be tracked till completion. Tasks can be sent to others and the progress of the task can be monitored. Completed tasks can be moved to separate section.
Document Manager Organize and share your documents for documents sharing and management. Features includes sharing the documents, maintaining various folders, granting authorized access privileges, holding access privileges to view others documents etc.
Message Board Easily publish your messages and announcements across your entire company. Announcements can be created, edited, viewed and deleted etc.
Knowledge Center Share your proposals and post the queries and in turn get valuable information from admin. When selected to add to portal, collaboration provides group capabilities so that selected users can see approved items by admin. Add and maintain your favorite web sites links or import them from other application.