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Setting Email Options

AkkenCloud Staffing allows you to set the email options, that can be used through out the application. The options you select here, brings the consistency and convenience of using the AkkenCloud Staffing web application.

To set the email options:

Click on the "Options" link available next to Email on the left menu of Inbox screen under Collaboration. The system displays the Email Options screen as shown below:


Email Options Screen

In the above screen:

  1. You can select the editor from the "Select Editor" field to use for text editing. You can select "Simple" or "Advanced Editor". The editing option you selected here will be applied to all the outgoing message screens. However, you are facilitated to select the other editor each time for outgoing messages.
  2. Select the "O" radio button, if you wish to enable "Email Address Auto Complete" option. Else select the "Off" radio button. AkkenCloud Staffing enables you to enter a portion of the name in ToCc and Bcc text boxes of all compose screens and AkkenCloud Staffing automatically completes the name and e-mail address for you.
  3. Select the "On" radio button in the Email Preview Pane field, if you wish to enable Email Preview option. Else select the ‘Off’ radio button.
  4. The Signatures field allows you to create a new signature. Click on the "Manage Signature" link to manage your signatures. See the Signatures topic to know how to add/edit/delete the signatures.
  5. Specify the spam header details in the fields provided.
Out of Office Automated Reply
  1. The prime purpose of this option is to set an automated email response when you are out of office.
  2. Your Inbox continues to receive messages when you set the "Out of Office Automated Reply" option.
  3. This feature is useful when you go on vacation and want to inform people that you would not be checking the received emails for few days.
  4. By default, the "Out of Office Automated Reply" option will be in "Off" mode.

To set up the Out of Office Automated Reply option, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to Collaboration->Email->Options screen – Select the On option for the Out of Office Automated Reply. The system refreshes and displays a box to enter your automated response as shown below:
  1. Once you compose a message in the "Out of Office Automated Reply" field and click on “Save”, the email text provided will automatically be sent to everyone who sends a message to you until you turn "Off" the "Out of Office Automated Reply" option.
  2. Click on "Close" link to close the "Email Options" window

External Email Setup

AkkenCloud Staffing offers you to configure the alternative and external email accounts so that you can retrieve and send messages. For example, if you have the hotmail account, you can configure hotmail account in the application to send and receive email from the hotmail account, without having to quit from AkkenCloud Staffing web application.

  1. To set up an alternative email account, click on the [Setup] link adjacent to ‘Email’ link on the left pane of Inbox screen under Collaboration. The Email Setup screen is displayed.
  2. The Email setup screen displays your application Domain Name, Mail ID, Mail folder, Account Type details.  By default, the application id will be configured as default mail id for sending the messages.

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