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Job Posting is done by the salespeople to meet their requirement. The Job Postings done by the salespeople are displayed under Job Posting section.  AkkenCloud Staffing provides the corporate management features which facilitates the administrator to know the status of each job posting based on which the administrator can make an effort to help the salespeople to meet the requirement.

The administrator can directly add the requirement from Job Posting section.


Choose the Admin >> Website Management and then click on Job Posting link from left menu. Result: The screen refreshes by displaying the Job Posting screen.


To view a full-sized copy of the image, please click directly onto the graphic.

  1. The details of the Job Postings are displayed under the following columns: Job Title, Company, City, State, No. Open/Filled, Created Date, Created By, Modified Date, modified by and Date Posted.
  2. The No. Open/Filled column shows two key pieces of information such as: Total: It shows the number of vacancies to be filled against the required position. Filled: It shows the number of vacancies filled for the position out of the total vacancies.
  3. Following are the statuses displayed by the Date Posted column in the Job Postings home page: Posted, Refreshed and Expired.
  • Blank: No data will be displayed when the Job Order is not posted to Website.
  • Posted: This status will be displayed when you post the Job Order to Website. This status also displays the posted date in parentheses next to the Posted status.
  • Refreshed: This status will be displayed when you post the Job Order for the second time. This status also displays the Refreshed date in parenthesis next to the Refreshed status.
  • Expired: This status will be displayed when the Job Order has expired. All the expired Job Orders will be removed automatically from the Website. The option to have posts expired by a certain time is available in the Set Job Order Preferences screen.
  1. Select a job order and click on the Post to Website” link available in the Job Postings home page to post the job order to Website. See the Post to Website topic for details.
  2. If you want to remove the job order from Website list, then select a job order that is already posted and click on the “Remove from Website” link available in the Job Posting home page. See the Remove from Website topic for details.
  3. Use the search bar to display the records that match with the text strings specified in the search bar columns.
  4. Click on the “New Job Order” link to add a new job order. See the New Job Order topic for details.
  5. See the Paging options topic to know how to use the paging options displayed at the bottom of the Job Posting page.
  6. Clicking on any of the column heading allows sorting the records either ascending or descending order.




The application provides the privilege to the administrator where in the administrator can add any job order to Hot Jobs section on the Web Site. The administrator generally uses this option for the job orders which needs to be met in limited period or when requirement needs high profile candidates etc.

Using Post to Website link, you can post the job orders to Web Site.

  1. Select the Job Order(s) you want to post and click on “Post to Website” link available in the Job Postings home page. The system refreshes and displays the following alert message as shown below:





  • Click on the OK button to post the job order to Web Site. The system refreshes and displays the posted Job Order in the Web API application.
  • Click on the Cancel button to cancel and return to Job Posting home page.


  1. The status of the posted job order will be displayed as Posted along with the Posted Date in parentheses in the Date Posted column.
  2. You can now select multiple Job Order(s) and post them all at once.

Note: When you re-post an Expired/Removed job order, the system displays the status of that job order as Refreshed along with the refreshed date in the Date Posted column.


Job Order Display in Web Site API

When you post the Job Order to Web Site API, it is displayed in the Web Site API application as shown below:

Remove from Web Site

New Job Order

Edit Job Order


 Contact Us

International organizations usually have the multiple contact addresses for different locations. The Administrator sets the “Corporate Contact Us” Address which is for the organization corporate headquarters. The administrator also maintains the list of active “Contact Us” addresses for the various locations where company has its branches.

These “Contact Us” represents the countries/states/cities/towns in which the organization does the business. The Administrator adds and maintains the list of contact addresses for the organization.


The administrator can use NEWS feature to keep the members of the organization informed with the latest news and information about the industry, requirements or about the organization itself. News can be added, edited and deleted from NEWS section under Web Site Management.

The News added from Admin appears under “Company News” section in the eDesk


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