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Let us take an overview of the entire HRM module. In HRM, you can do the following:

Overseas RecruitingThrough Overseas Recruiting you can add recruitment leads for overseas candidates.
Applicant TrackingIn Applicant Tracking you can create new applicants or applicants can be created through website integration.  As applicants apply to your website, you can have them create user accounts where they will be able to view the jobs they have applied to in the past as well as update their profile date. From the Applicant Tracking screen you can add the applicants into CRM to create candidate records, or you can forward the applicants to Hiring Mangement to create employee records for light industrial management.
Hiring ManagementHiring Management allows you to create new candidates for hiring. You can forward your candidates to an HR administrator for review and also hire candidates to complete the placement process.  You can also view the work journal of the hired candidates from Hiring management screen.
Hiring ReviewIn Hiring Review, you can review the candidate’s details, and forward your candidates for hiring. You can also reject candidates after review. Rejected candidates’ profiles can be made available from history link provided in hiring review screen, for hiring in future or delete them permanently from your database. You can also view the work journal of the hired candidates from Hiring Review screen.
Employee ManagementOnce the candidates are hired, they become employees in Employee Management.  The Employee Management area allows users to view the HR Data details of each employee and update the HR information as needed.  Additionally, employee management shows which employees are active and available to work and which ones are currently on assignment or have been terminated.
Employee ReviewFrom Employee Review screen the HR administrator can review the employees, who are pending for review. The reviewing is done based on the review period set up. The HR administrator can change the employees’ review period, and can approve or reject the employees’ updated records.
BenefitsThe Benefits screen in HRM allows you to view the list of benefits, as determined by the HR administrator to the employees in the organization. Both the earnings and contributions are visible in this screen. The HR administrator can also add or delete earning or contribution from the Benefits screen.
DepartmentsAll the employees’ department details are available in Departments screen in HRM. You can add, rename or remove departments, depending upon whether edit permission is given to you by HR administrator. The HR administrator can edit permissions for employees department wise. The employees can be also moved from one department to other department if required. You can also export department details to others.
LocationsThe details of all the locations of operation of the staffing agency are available in the Locations screen under HRM. You can add, edit or delete locations from Locations screen. All the employees’ details, who are working in each location, can be also viewed from locations screen.

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