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A Location represents an office location for your staffing firm.

International organizations usually have multiple locations of operation. “Locations” in HRM is designed to keep a track of different locations of operation of the company. These locations represent the countries/states/cities/towns in which the organization does the business. You can find out how many employees are working in a location, with their contact, skills and job status details, by double clicking on that location. Location of an employee is selected by HR administrator in Hiring Management. You can add new location, edit the location details and delete a location from locations in HRM.



Select the HRM->Locations link from the menu bar or from the menu bar to display the Locations home page.

On the Locations home page, all company locations are listed. You can view the employee list for a location by double clicking on that location.

In the Locations Home Page, you can find the following:


1. The Locations Home Page consists of the following columns: Location Code, Location Name, Company Name, Federal ID, Class, City, State, Country, Zip, Created Date, Created By, Modified Date and Modified By. Each column has their corresponding record details.

2. From the Locations Home Page, you can create new location by clicking on the “Add New Location” link. See the Add new location topic for details.

3. You can modify the location details by clicking on edit icon, corresponding to a location. See the Edit location topic for details.

4. Click on the “Archive” link to delete a location. See the Archive location topic for details.

5. You can also view the details of the employees working in a location. See the View employees in a location topic for details.

6. See the Paging options topic to know, how to use the paging options displayed at the bottom of the locations page.

7. Clicking on any of the column heading allows sorting the records either ascending or descending order.


Uses of Locations

Locations can be used in the following ways:

  • Track employees working at or assigned to a company location.   All these details can be viewed by double clicking on that location. Helpful for reporting on location performance
  • Federal, state, and local tax reporting
  • Assign the location responsible for an assignment
  • Generate reports based on Locations in the Analytics module
  • To post Location details to your web site, if integrated with your Akken Staffing account



You can have multiple locations for your organization where it has the branches. Click on the “Add New Location” link from Locations home page. The screen refreshes by displaying the form to add new location. The added locations come under the Locations home page.



In the above screen:

  • Enter the information for the location in the Locations screen.
  • Click the “Save” link in the upper right of the screen to save the location details.
  • While creating a new location, make sure that you provide the Location Name and Location Code along with the City, State and Zip details that are mandatory
  • Location Code. This is a text box. The user can specify the 3-digit alphanumeric code that is unique.  By default, the location code starts with 100.
  • Specify the class for the location from the Class drop-down list.
  • The location Name will be displayed along with Location Code in the Location Name column as follows: Location Code – Location Name.



If your Akken Staffing account is integrated with your Website and you use the Location feature to display your company locations on your Website, select the Display Index number from the drop-down list to determine the order the Location is displayed on your Website.  The Display Index drop-down list will be in deactivated mode until the Post to Website check box is selected.

Best Practice: Use the Heading field to name the location for easy reference.



To edit the location details,

  1. Select the required location you wish to edit and click on Edit Location link. The system displays the Edit Location screen.
  2. In the Edit Location screen, make the required changes and click on Update to save the new changes.
  3. Click on Cancel to cancel the Edit Location screen.

Note: All fields are editable. Duplication of location code is not possible.



You can delete a location using the Delete Location available in the Locations home page.

To delete a location, do the following:

  1. Select the required location you wish to delete and click on Delete Location. The system displays the Delete Locations screen as shown below:

  1. In the above screen, select the required location from the Location drop-down list and click Delete.
  2. All the Departments, Accounts, Employees, Customers, Vendors and Taxes available under the deleted location will be moved to the newly selected location.
  3. Click Close to close the Delete Locations screen.



You can view the employees working in a location, by double clicking on that location, on Locations home page. The screen refreshes by displaying the employees assigned to that location. Location of an employee is specified by HR administrator in Hiring Management.



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