The purpose of this video is to provide an overview of our Paperless Onboarding Feature. Paperless Onboarding or POB for short is a great feature that allows you to send out single or multiple documents to your candidates, employees, or clients through our integrated partner DocuSign.

Paperless Onboarding is an add on feature that can be activated upon being set up by our team. 

Please note this setup, subscription, and support comes at an additional cost.

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to Paperless Onboarding.

1. We set up your account with DocuSign for you after you subscribe for this feature
2. You never log into DocuSign. This is because we set up your accounts to make sure that DocuSign and Akken communicate properly.
3. We partner with DocuSign to complete the secure, paperless process. As such we have created features in Akken to communicate with DocuSign.