Gender Management Enhancement **NEW**

Modified on Wed, 12 Jul 2023 at 03:06 AM

About This Document:
This document details the steps required to modify gender options according to your organization requirements.

This procedure requires that the AkkenCloud User have access to the Admin module > Data Management in order to modify drop down menus.


Step 1:

Edit the Gender field in a drop-down list with additional entries as required:

This can be converted one time in any of the gender drop downs that an admin can edit, and will show in the following AkkenCloud Modules for all users:

  • HRM - Applicant Tracking
  • HRM - Hiring Management
  • HRM - Employee Management
  • ESS User - My Profile

Note that once additional Gender values are added and used, the value cannot be deleted.

Step 2:

Enable with the customer ITM and short and long forms, under Admin > Website Management > Job Posting preferences, and make a required jobsite field (if desired).

This will force the user to select the gender options updated in step 1 on the company website and will be reflected in the 

  • ITM - Short Form/Long form/AOB

If the gender field is to be a required field, please notify so that the technical team can update this backend setting.

Gender settings will also appear in the following Reports under analytics:

Application Reports

  1. ACA Requirements
  2. ADP Employee Export Report - Workforce
  3. Applicants with EEOC
  4. Employee Data Export File - iSolved
  5. MyPayrollHR - Employee Import
  6. Employee data for payroll funding
  7. Employee Credential Report
  8. New Employee Report
  9. Employee data for Payroll Providers
  10. Employee Payroll Data
  11. SmartBen Employee Import Report
  12. GP Employee XML Report
  13. GP Temp XML Report

Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) Reports

  1. Applicants with EEOC
  2. Employee Data for Payroll Funding
  3. Employees Data for Payroll Providers
  4. New Employee
  5. Payroll Data
  6. CAP
  7. EEO1 Report
  8. Employee Profile
  9. Employee Expanded Report
  10. Applicant EEOC
  11. Time EE Report

If you are a customer who adds gender values to the edit list, please check with your enabled integration partner to ensure they expect any new values added. 

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