Internal Submission - New Status

A recruiter user now may perform an additional tracked Internal Submission, which is where someone would be reviewing a candidate twice internally at the agency, e.g., like an Account Manager who would then resubmit that candidate direct to a client. 

Step 1 – The recruiter has an Account Manager and goes to a Job Order (CRM->Job Order).  

Step 2 – Selects a Candidate and Submits to a Job Order.   

Step 3 – Selects Internal Submission which now becomes an Internally Submitted Candidate (With Status – Internally Submitted).

Step 4 This means that the client is not reviewing it yet, and the candidate is being reviewed internally by another team member.  The example Account Manager receives an Internal notification informing that the recruiter has submitted a Candidate for review.

Step 4 – With that notification received, the account manager will review the candidate’s profile and select the candidadate with status as Internally Submitted and clicks on Resubmit button that to the client as shown in Figure 1.1

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Figure 1.1


It is possible to submit a third time, as the use case dictates.

However, if the Account Manager submits for a Client Submission then the status will change from Internally Submitted to Submitted. In such a case the candidate History there will show two statuses for this Candidate as depicted in Figure 1.2.


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Figure 1.2

Fig 1.3 shows the customization for reports.

Fig 1.3


Fig 1.4 shows the newly added columns in the report.

Fig 1.4


Impacted Reports: -

CRM-->Job Orders 


  1. CDF Job Orders  
  2. Job Orders
  3. Analytics-->Reporting-->AkkuReporting-->Report Designer-->Job Order Details Report
  4. Activities Report
  5. Analytics-->Reporting-->AkkuReporting-->Report Designer-->Job Order Summary Report