Email Authorization Process


Please Note: If there is no outgoing mail server account setting  set under notification management, you will need to also enter your email information here by selecting the Customer Server radio button:


Note: The process is the same setting up email in both locations




If the outgoing mail server settings exist, then skip to here:


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Click on Setup, a new window will appear to add new account.

Click on Setup, a new window will appear 


Click Add New Account


Select Email Host Provider

  • For Outlook, select MS Office 365 (Business)
  • For G-Mail - Select Gmail Corporate
  • For other hosted providers - Select Other. 
  • Note: You will need to enter the appropriate outgoing mail (SMTP) server settings.  If you do not know these values, or cannot locate these settings, please contact your IT Administratornstrator.






  • Once selected, click authorize and log in/accept third party access.
  • When a user clicks on "Authorize" then Update to see the below prompt from Microsoft 
  • User would see the below screen (since all PC users have Microsoft accounts and would already be logged in to use Office products)

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