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Email feature on eDesk allows you to view the latest incoming emails and unread messages immediately, since the eDesk screen refreshes every 5 minutes.


The ‘Inbox’ link on eDesk displays the total number of emails in the inbox and also the number of new emails that have arrived in the Inbox. The number of new emails is displayed in brackets and is in bold font. Clicking on the ‘Inbox’ link, takes you to the Collaboration-Email home page.

Refer to the ‘Email’ topic in Collaboration to know more about using the various Email features.

Address Book

eDesk allows you to save your contacts directly to Address Book in Collaboration.

To open the Address Book from eDesk:

Click on the ‘Address Book’ link under the E-Mail section from the eDesk screen. Result: The eDesk screen refreshes by displaying the Address Book Home page.

Refer to the ‘Using the Address Book’ topic in Collaboration to know more about using the Address Book.

Sending or Scheduling a message

After you compose a message, you can send it immediately or put it in your  schedule to be sent at a later date. You can schedule message from the compose window using the Send Options menu listing. Selecting Schedule option from Send menu listing in compose window displays the Schedule pop up window for scheduling a message to send on a particular date.


Schedule Time Screen

1. From the pop up window, select the date at which the message should be sent by choosing the Month, Day and Year in their respective fields from the drop down list.

2. Select the time to fill the time at which the which message should be sent on specified date by choosing Hour and Minutes in their respective fields from the drop down list.

3. Specify the end date of the schedule by selecting the required fields from the End Date drop down list.

4. Alternatively, you can click on the calendar icon beside the End Date drop down list to select the required date.

5. You can also set the frequency of repetitive type of the schedule by selecting the required fields from the Repetitive Type drop down list.

6. Click on the ‘Schedule’ link to send the message on the specified date and time. Result: The compose screen is processed and closed.

7. To close the window, click on the ‘Close’ link.

The messages which are scheduled are put in Outbox mail folder displaying the status as “scheduled”. The messages which are scheduled cannot be deleted. The scheduled message from outbox is sent when specified date arrives.

Send an E-mail Message

To send an e-mail message directly from eDesk, click on the ‘New’ link under E-Mail. Result: The Compose pop up window is displayed.

To send an email message:

  1. By default. the From and To fields automatically displays the logged in user email address. If you have multiple email accounts, then you can use other than your default account.  Select the email address you want to use from the drop down list of From field. 

  2. By default, all the emails sent to Contacts/Companies/Candidates through the ‘Send Mail‘ link goes through the Bcc field. 

  3. Cc: In the Cc text box specify the email address to which the copy of the message is to be sent. You can specify the recipient email addresses in the following ways. You can type in the email address of recipient, or click on the ‘Cc’ link to specify the recipient email address. Commas separate multiple email addresses. Specifying the ‘Cc’ field is optional. 

  4. Enter the message title, in the Subject text box. 
  5. The Attachments field displays the files attached if any. Click on the ‘Remove’ link to remove the files attached. Result: The screen refreshes by removing the files attached without going for a separate window to remove. 

  6. The Associate Email field displays the list of names whose email ids are associated with the selected Contact/Company/Candidate/Job Order. You will also find the ‘Add/Remove‘ link beside the association names. Click on the ‘Add/Remove‘ link, if you want to associate an email. See the Associate a new email to an entity topic for more details in CRM module help file. 

  7. Select the ‘Save in Sent Folder’ check box to save a copy of your message into Sent Messages folder. 

  8. The Request Read Receipt feature will allow the user to configure the email compose screen to receive a read mail receipt. This is an electronic message received by the sender inbox when the recipient has opened and viewed the mail send by the sender. Once the check box option is selected, then the sender of the email will receive a receipt whenever the recipient opens the message. By default, this option will not be selected. 

  9. The default editor you have selected under Email options is displayed in the drop down field adjacent to the ‘Save in Sent Folder’ check box. You can use one other than the default editor. Result: The compose window screen refreshes by enabling the selected editor. 

  10. You can send simple plain text to recipient when you use simple editor. You can apply HTML formatting tools, if you use Advanced editor. The three steps discussed below are used when advance editor is selected. 

  11. The signature, which you have set as default, is selected and added to the messages that you send. If you do not wish to use signature, select No Signature option from the drop down list. See the ‘Signatures’ topic to manage the signatures. 

  12. To add any special emphasis to the structure of message text you use such as bold text, font format, font size, numbered lists, spell check, text striking etc., you can use formatting tools underneath of Editor drop down  field. See the Formatting Text topic to know the usage of formatting tools. 

  13. In the large text box, enter the message text. You can write as much as you like. 

  14. To attach any files and documents, click on the  ’Manage Attachments‘ link. It is discussed later in this section. See the Manage Attachments topic to know how to add files and document attachments. 

  15. Once you have completed the above steps, you can use Send options to send the message immediately or to schedule a message to send later. Click on the Send  down arrow icon link. You will see menu listing. You have the following options: 

  16. Send – Selecting this option immediately sends the composed message to recipients. 

  17. Schedule – Selecting this option allows you to send the message on a scheduled date. See the Sending or Scheduling a message topic to know more. 

  18. If you wish to send the message later, click on the ‘Save in Drafts’ link to save the message in drafts folder and send it later. Result: The message is added in drafts folder. 

  19. To close the window, click on the ‘Close’ link

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