Outlook Sync (OLS) Update

11/7/2022 0400-0600ET 

We are releasing an updated version of OLS to all customers this weekend.  This will allow us to continue to provide the best experience to the AkkenCloud community.  

The release OLS Version addresses an issue which may impact calendar appointments erroneously being saved as recurring appointments when manually syncing.   


This update is NOT mandatory, however, administrative rights to your windows PC are needed to install the update.  

If you do not have administrative rights to your computer, or IT support to assist with the update, the user can select “NO” to skip the update and continue working with Outlook.  Every time Outlook is opened, OLS will perform the version update check and prompt users until OLS is updated to the latest version.   

We recommend that you notify your users of this change and that arrangements are made to update OLS as soon as possible.



 Thank you for using AkkenCloud - we value your business.

Email customersuccess@akkencloud.com or dial 866-590-6695