Enabling Columns in Reading Pane.


  1. Custom User Properties (columns) will only be visible if the Reading Pane is “off”. 


  1. Open Outlook and click on “View” in Control Bar.
  2. In the Menu Section, click on “Reading Pane” and select “off”. As shown in below figure.




  1. In the same menu, click on “Add Columns”. A window pops out with all available columns in outlook.


  1. Under “Select available columns from:” label, one can see a dropdown will all possible columns. Click on the Drop Down and scroll to the bottom to see User – defined fields in folder.
  2. All available columns from AkkenCloud Addin are visible on the left pane. Select “Exported” and “Export Note” and click on “Add” button.
  3. Finally click on ok.


  1. Once the columns are added. User can see them on Folder columns as shown in the below figure.


  1. When an email is synced to AkkenCloud and if the sync process completed successfully. “Yes” is populated under “Exported” column.
  2. If the sync process failed. Reason for failure of sync process is populated under “Exported Note” and “Error” is populated under “Exported” Column Respectively.
  3. If an email is marked as “Error”, Outlook Sync will not attempt a sync operation on that email (sync all/auto sync). Unless user performs a “Sync Selected” operation on the email.