How to Utilize Back Office Assignments

Modified on Thu, 29 Jun 2023 at 03:05 AM

  1. Placement Status

     A new column has been introduced in the “Manage Submissions” screen found within the Job Orders window to indicate the Placement/Assignment status of a submitted candidate.

    There are two options to access the Submissions pop-up screen for a specified job order.

Go to CRM – Job Orders – Double click on open job order – Scroll down to Submitted Candidates (on the right hand side) – Click on “manage submissions”

Go to CRM – Job Orders – Scroll to the right on the main Job Order grid until the Candidates column is displayed – Click on the underlined number listed under the Candidates column

     The column enables the front office users to quickly view the status of a placement and the corresponding back office location for the completed placement.

Cancelling Placements

Cancelling Placements in CRM

    Front office users have the ability to cancel a pending placement by clicking on the “Placement details” icon on the far right corner of every submission.  The Placement Details icon appears on a record after the placement has been completed.  In order to cancel the placement, the user will need to open the manage submissions screen and click on the Placement Details icon and click on Cancel Placement.  The option for cancellation is only available for candidates who are being placed for the first time.

Clicking on the link will display a text box that requires the user to provide a reason for cancellation.  Once the reason has been filled in, click on cancel placement.

This will update the placement/assignment status on the manage submission screen.

Additionally, the cancelled status is updated in the Candidate summary screen on the placed panel.

NOTE: This does not change the candidate status in the main CRM Candidates grid.

Cancelling Placements in HRM

Cancelling Multiple Assignments 

In HRM – Hiring Management, the links “Reject” and “Rejected Candidate List” have been replaced with a new link “Cancel Placements”. The functionality to reject candidates has been updated to enable users to cancel the placement/hiring process.

Multiple candidate placements can be cancelled at the same time in Hiring Management by selecting the check box to the left of each candidate record, key in a cancellation reason at the bottom of the screen and click on “Cancel Placements”.

NOTE: Doing the above action will cancel all placements for the candidate being hired not just the placement being displayed. A candidate will appear in Hiring Managmenet if this is the first time the candidate has been placed.  To verify if there are multiple placements for one candidate record, double click on the candidate record, click on the HR Data tab, click on Assignments this will give you a list of all pending placements.

After the reason has been provided, click on the Cancel Placements icon.  This will update the status in the placement panel of the candidate’s summary screen and placement status in manage submissions screen and remove the candidate from Hiring Management.

Cancelling Single Placements in HRM

     Placements can be cancelled one at a time for a candidate that has been placed on multiple job orders. To access the list of placements, double click on the candidate record in HRM – Hiring Management to open the record. Next, click on the HR Data – Assignments tab and click on “Cancel Placement” link next to the job title of the placement you wish to cancel.

Reactivating Cancelled Assignments

     Users can reactivate the placement by either clicking on the placement details icon in the manage submission screen or the cancelled record in the placement panel of the candidate summary screen. This will open the placement details screen where a Activate Placement link will be displayed.

Clicking on the “Activate Placement” link will refresh the screen and display the Placement screen in edit mode.  Update all information needed to complete the placement (if necessary) and click on the “Place Candidate” link.

Assignment Status Change

Candidate status changes per Assignment Status

Once an assignment is approved in Accounting – Assignments the status of the candidate in CRM changes to “On Assignment” automatically.

NOTE:  The automatic change in the candidate status in CRM occurs only when:

There is an approval of an assignment to the status of “Active” in Accounting – Assignments, then the Candidate status in CRM changes to “On Assignment”.

There is an Update Status to Closing/Cancellation of all Active or Needs Approval assignments for that candidate, then the Candidate status changes to “Actively Searching”.

*** For Direct Placements, once an assignment is approved the assignment will close and the candidate will be changed to Actively Searching.

*** For Employees with multiple assignments, all assignments must be closed in order for the status to change to Active Searching.  If one assignment remains Active then the candidate will be marked as On Assignment in CRM***

Assignment grid

    By default, only assignments with a status of “Active” and “Needs Approval” are listed.

Assignment pop-up messages

When updating assignment statuses to approve, close, or cancel, different pop up messages will appear based on which job type is being updated.

Clicking on the “Update Status” link will allow a user to approve the assignment and will display the following pop-up message:

Approving Multiple Assignments with Different Job Types

Approving Temp/Contract, and Temp/Contract to Direct Assignments

Assignment records that have no Start Date populated during the placement process or prior to approval will be updated automatically with the date displayed in the first section of the message as the Start Date upon approval. By default the date displayed is the current date.

Approving Direct Assignments

When approving a direct assignment the second section of the message (shown in bold in the above pop up window) will be displayed with multiple options. This section provides the user with an option to change the default End Date for the direct assignment, change the default Termination Date, and asks if the user would like to close any other Active assignments for  the employee with the direct assignment (in many cases the End Date will be the same as the Start Date).

Candidates that are placed on the direct assignment in AkkenCloud are hired as employees in HRM – Employee Management and then immediately terminated with the same date as the day the action of approval has occurred. With the above change, a user can change the default Termination Date.

Any open assignments for the employee who has been placed on a direct assignment will automatically be closed. An option is now provided to change the default close date for the open assignments.

NOTE:  If a start date or an end date has already been provided on the assignment prior to approval then the dates used to approve the assignment will remain.  The pop-up screen for approving the assignments WILL NOT override the dates provided on the individual assignments.

Cancelling Assignments

Assignments can be cancelled with a future end date using the update status link from the main assignments listing screen and selecting the “Cancel Assignment(s)” radio button as shown in the below screenshot.

Assignments that have not yet been approved or assignments that are currently active can be cancelled. Assignments that do not have an end date populated will be cancelled with an end date displayed/selected in the pop up message. Assignments with end dates pre-populated will be cancelled with the dates provided on the assignment (the assignments will not be overridden with the date provided in the pop-up).

However, users can update and override the end date with the displayed/selected date in the above screenshot by selecting the check box.

Timesheets and Expenses can still be captured for the cancelled assignments until the end date listed on the assignment.

Closing Assignments

Closing active assignments displays the below pop-up message.

Assignments that do not have end date populated will be closed with an end date displayed/selected in the pop up message. Assignments with end dates pre-populated will be closed with the dates provided on the assignment (the assignments will not be overridden with the date provided in the pop-up).

However, users can update and override the end date with the displayed/selected date in the above screenshot by selecting the check box.

Timesheets and Expenses can still be captured for the closed assignments until the end date listed on the assignment.

Reactivation of Assignments

A closed assignment (all job types) can now be reactivated using the “Update Status” link.

Reactivating a closed assignment and changing the end date can be done in one step by selecting the check box next to the closed or cancelled assignment and clicking on Update Status.  The above pop-up will appear once the Update Status button has been clicked.

NOTE:   If the user is reactivating the assignment in order to make changes to the rates or other details within the assignment, DO NOT select the first check box.

In some cases assignments that have been closed will have a corresponding terminated employee record.  In the above pop-up message the user has the option to re-activate the employee record in HRM – Employee Management by selecting the second check box.

*** In order to reactivate any assignment, the time sheets and/or placement fee cannot be billed/invoiced (the time or fee cannot be listed in Deliver Invoices or Invoices History).  All assignments that require reactivation must remain in the Create Invoices area under Accounting – Customers.  If the time sheets or placement fee has already been billed, please Remove the Invoice from Invoice History or Deliver Invoices and then reactivate the assignment***

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