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AkkenClo Staffing allows you to create your own reports you have generated and saved to analyze the data in the way that is not provided in existing reports in the application. The various reports you have generated under relevant reports sections using default report data are automatically listed in My Reports section.

You can generate and save your customize report by using the Memorize link provided for each report in the application. The reports you have saved for a particular module, are automatically displayed in relevant module under 

My Reports Section

To view list of reports generated by you for various modules,

1. Select Analytics from menu bar or from the left menu to display Analytics home page.

2. Select My Reports link from Analytics home page. The screen refreshes by displaying the list of reports which are generated and saved by you under relevant module sections.

1. MyReport home displays the list of reports saved by you for various modules.

2. MyReport home displays the list of module sections for which you can generate and save the customized reports. For instance, various modules, like CRM, HRM, Collaboration and Accounting are displayed as separate sections.

3. Each module section displays the list of reports generated and saved by you. For example, CRM section displays the list of reports generated and saved under various report sections in CRM.

4. Click on the report to view the selected report.

5. Use the Delete’ link to delete the report. See the Delete MyReport topic to know more.


Customized Report Screen

You can view the customized report saved by you as and when you need. To display the customized report,

1. Click on the Report name displayed in relevant module section. The Report View pop up window is displayed.

2. The Report View pop up window for customized report includes the options and features that are provided for any default report in the application.

3. Refer to the relevant topics discussed for default reports to know how to customize, print and export the report details.

4. Click on the ‘Print’ link to print the report. See the Print Report heading for more details.

5. Click on the ‘Export’ link to export the report. See the Export Report heading for more details.

6. Click on the ‘Save to My Reports’ link to enter a name for the report. See the Save to My Reports heading for more details.

7. Click on the ‘Close’ link to close the screen.

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