Knowledge Management - Approving and Publishing Articles/Proposals

Modified on Wed, 12 Jul 2023 at 07:25 AM


To preserve the integrity of the knowledge center, the addition of all articles must be accepted by the administrator for publishing to enterprise portal. The administrator can directly add the articles or may receive the suggestions/proposals from the other users. The administrator reviews the suggestions/proposals sent by other users to accept or not to accept.

Accepted articles are automatically added to enterprise portal items so that the selected department users can view the article. Accepted articles appear in the home page of application for the selected department users.

To accept the article/proposals:

  1. Before accepting a suggestion/proposal, you need to make sure that the selected item belongs to “Suggestion” article type.
  2. Click on the Title” link of the suggestion/proposal from the knowledge center screen. Result: The screen refreshes by displaying the details. 


    1. The Posted by field displays the username who has posted the suggestion/proposal.
    2. The suggestion/proposal details are displayed in the respective fields.
    3. The category with which the user associated the suggestion/proposal is displayed in Which Category to Choose field.
    4. Enable Suggest Category check box and enter the category name in the text box provided, if you wish to associate this item with new category.
    5. The entry in Key words text box is associated with the item which facilitates to find the items quickly.
    6. The Link for this record text box specifies the source to support the suggestion/proposal.
    7. If the user who posted the suggestion/proposal has uploaded any document, it is displayed in Uploaded Document field.
    8. Select Replace Document check box and click on the Browse” button and select the file to replace the document with your file.
    9. Select the department in the Department list box to allow the department users to view the article once you have accepted.
    10. Click on the “Accept” link to approve and accept the suggestion/proposal. Result: The screen refreshes by adding the article to enterprise portal.
    11. Click on the “Cancel” link to cancel and return to previous page. 



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