In Akken Staffing, you can set up your email account using the Akken email client.

Setting up email within Akken

1. Under Admin-->User Management, check user preferences and see if the user is currently setup for Akken email:

2. The next step is to go to Collaboration-->Email and click on ‘Setup’ on the left-hand side of the email screen:

3. Next, you would click on ‘Add New Account’ and it brings you to the following screen:

You can enter your incoming/outgoing email server setup here. Your email provider/IT team should have all of the information that is necessary in the above screen. The Akken email client has the ability to handle POP3 as well as IMAP email configurations.

4. Once everything is entered you can click Save. It generally takes a few seconds to authenticate and save your settings. 

Note: If you enter invalid credentials or invalid server information it will prompt you saying that it could not establish a connection. You will then need to verify that you have the correct information from your email provider/IT team.