How do I setup my AkkenCloud Email with my Comcast/Xfinity Email Account Settings?

Modified on Tue, 27 Jun 2023 at 04:12 AM

About This Document

This document details the Steps required to configure your AkkenCoud Email with a Comcast/Xfinity Email Account.
The settings for the Outgoing and Incoming Server information that is specific to Comcast/Xfinity was provided from this website:

Note: In this example the Ports for a SMTP Outgoing Server with TLS Security and an IMAP Incoming Secure Connection are used. If your configuration is different, please reference the above Link for that configuration.


The AkkenCloud User must know the Email Address and Password used to access their Comcast/Xfinity Email Account.

Setup Procedure:

Logon to AkkenCloud and from Collaboration, choose Email.

Click on the Setup (gear) icon.

In the Email Setup window, press the Add New Account button.

Note: In the next illustration, the User Name and Password are blacked out for Privacy purposes. Please substitute this information with your Email Account Credentials.

External Email Server Window:

1. Enter a Display Name, example: Users First and Last Name and your Comcast/Xfinity Email Address.

2. In the Domain Name (or) IP Address field, enter In the Port field, enter 587. Check the My server requires secure connection box, then choose TLS from the pulldown menu.

3. Check the My server requires login authentication box. Enter the User Name and Password.

4. Select IMAP from the Server type pulldown menu and enter in the Domain Name (or) IP Address field. Enter 993 in the Port field and check the My server requires secure connection box.

5. Enter the User Name and Password.

6. In these fields, the Defaults are selected.

7. Press Update when the setup is complete.

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