About This Document:
This document details the steps required to update your email in DocuSign (for POB)

This procedure requires that the AkkenCloud Administrator account has the following prerequisites:

  • HRM Access (admin)
  • DocuSign login (each employee will need this)
  • POB Management Access (admin)
  • Each Employee's new DocuSign password

Step 1: Check HRM > Employee Management (Admin step)

  • Open the users 'Employee Management' profile and update the primary email address or verify that it has already been updated.

Step 2: Go To DocuSign (Employee step)

  • Each employee (EE) will need to log into DocuSign to update their email address
  • Login with your old email address
  • Reset your password if you do not remember it
  • This will be the only time an EE needs to log into DS
  • Make sure the new email address is typed exactly correct 

Step 3: DocuSign (Employee step)

  • Go to My Profile, typically by clicking your initials in the upper right-hand corner or click the DocuSign logo in top left corner
  • Go to the Email Address section of your profile and click the Update button to the lower right

Be sure pop ups for domain akkencloud.com are not blocked in your browser

  • A pop-up box will appear 
  • Type in your old email and New Email - Make sure the new email address is typed exactly correct
  • Press Send Code


  • Check your new email box for the Code
  • Retreive the Code and type/paste it into the Update Email pop up box

Step 4: POB Management (Admin step)

  • Go to Admin > Integrated Services > POB Management


  • Obtain the new password from the employee
  • Locate the employee name
  • Check the box to the left of the employee name
  • Select the Update DocuSign Credentials button

  • A pop up box will appear asking for the employee's new password 
  • Enter the new password and click Update and then OK in the next pop-up box
  • Select the employee's name again
  • Click Refresh, top left


  • Verify the Connection Status has a green check mark and the user should be "Good To Go"